Since you posted this, I have been looking up all the Oregon hiking trails I’ve been to in order to deduce which would be best for this.

Historical swordplay is growing in popularity every day. HEMA has largely eclipsed ARMA from what I can tell, and from there a whole slew of academic swordplay nerding has evolved. There’s a ton of it centered around the greater Boston area, but I believe there’s some good stuff around Philly too.

When I looked into it back in college (undergrad, 10 years ago) there was nothing in Philly of the ARMA/HEMA variety really going on. Though apparently since then there are some classes and even groups training in Clark Park. http://roguefencing.com/philly

This was the book, by the way,


First hit on google:

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The next Democratic debate should require everyone to bring the sword that represents their soul.

Then it will be very easy to select our nominee.


The way before us has been prepared.


If we do not crack America’s shell, we will die without being born.


I mean, if you can’t even crack the world’s shell, are you even electable?

Edit: Liz beat me to it by a half second.


Where do spears fall? I say it’s a sword with a very long handle and very short blade.

Really just an excuse to get Heron Spear involved.

The heron spear is a laser cannon, though.

It says spear right there, you’re not my dad!

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It’s me from a year or so ago’s time to shine. I made one of these. But instead of you suckers, I made it someone else’s problem. This was a gift that was only in my possession for about a week after being constructed.

Here’s an album of the in progress shots

Considering that previous debates were referred to with the same language as boxing matches (“Undercard”? Really?) this will be far less idiotic.

The quest is what order of sword skill do you think the candidates have?

I’d bet towards Pete B or Tulsi just using the military background but some part of me thinks Corey Booker probably fenced in college :-p

Available on Reverb.

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Tulsi was US army (by way of Hawaii National Guard) and was enlisted as part of an infantry unit and was later an officer in the Hawaii National Guard Military police. The only US Army units that have ceremonial sabers are Cavalry units (Tanks, Bradleys, etc.)

Pete was a US Navy officer via the US Naval Reserve in Military Intelligence. There is a 100 percent completely optional Navy Officers sword that Pete probably could have worn, but I have never ever seen this thing in real life so I doubt it. https://www.public.navy.mil/bupers-npc/support/uniforms/uniformregulations/uniformcomponents/Pages/3501_84.aspx

yea but any combat training will trump no combat training ;-p


Honestly if Bernie has some secret Sword and Sorcery film kick he honestly might be better with a sword. The closest thing you get to using a sword is Combatives (unarmed combat) training in the Army and Navy which is not really a core skill that is continually taught, trained, tested unless you are in some Spec-Ops unit. Tulsi might have gotten some specific disarm and subdue training being in the Military Police, but as an officer I question how frequently she would have had time to practice and use such skills.

Generally though firearms skills (the core combat competency that is mandated to be tested for all units every 6 months) just have no cross over on melee weapons. You can say though that Pete and Tulsi are the physically fittest candidates due to their military training, relative youth, and general fit appearance in comparison with other candidates which would no doubt give them the leg up on a swordsmanship test.

TLDR: I posted way too serious a reply to your silly response.

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