Star Wars: The Disney Era

It definitely looks like one side of her face is different from the other.

I went frame-by-frame on it - It definitely looks like they’ve made her more gaunt and pale, that sith look, I guess. Face is as symmetrical as ever, though.

Also, side note - Holy fucking shit ILM. If you look at the reflection of the saber in her eyes, the tiny little reflection of the saber blade flickers and changes in a way that precisely matches the blades of her saber, with each eye reflecting the correct changes for the slight differences in angle. That’s just fucking bonkers.

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flip phone light saber is silly

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I don’t think so.

The two-ended lightsaber is basically a bo staff like Donatello the ninja turtle has. The problem with it is that shit is long, so you have to carry it on your back. If it’s actually just two lightsabers stuck together, I see no reason not to fold it up. Now you can carry it on the hip and bring it out to play much more easily. One flip and now you’ve got a staff instead of a sword.

But you know what would be eve better. Just have two completely separate lightsabers. However, put a clip on the bottom of each one so they can combine. Now you’ve got three options. One sword, dual wield, full staff. Best of all worlds.


I’m not going to lie, that new trailer is hella cringe for me.

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Oh well, more for me.

/me proceeds to inject Star Wars directly into neck artery


Jedi Temple Guard lightsaber seen in Clone Wars and Rebels:

Interesting coincidence or salient plot point?

TFA to TLJ conclusively showed that nobody at Disney has a lore bible for their films and other Disney properties / nobody is overseeing a comprehensive vision for these films and shows. I would rate that a coincidence, at most somebody saw the image from clone wars/rebels and thought who that’s visually cool and that’s as far as it goes.

Lots of news sites are making a thing of Dark Jedi Rey scene in the trailer. I willing to bet it will be the same deal as it was with Luke in Dagobah facing off against a dark possible version of himself.


They didn’t before, but they do now. See my post from June 18th:

I’m gambling they’ll play it to look like that but reveal that she’s going balance the force by taking notes from the dark and light side.

I am aware, I just don’t think that Michelle has in anyway driven the process given that she was announced to the position in June and principle photography wrapped on ROS in February and shareholders got a rough edit in march. ROS is still a product of the freewheeling Kathleen Kennedy series of films.

I seriously hope that Star Wars doesn’t end with “centrism is good, actually”.

Oh shit, that wasn’t what I meant. Whoa, can see that now. I meant more along the lines that not everything is good or evil, but varying shades of grey and that Rey would show that but also show that sometimes taking a hard stance for the correct side is needed. Knowing Disney, I am now worried my mistaken message is more accurate.

I’ve pretty much given up on this trilogy of movies. It’s the next trilogy, when they no longer have to incorporate any of the original trilogy actors, that I’m really looking forward to. And for that trilogy, I think having a Kevin Feige-type person in charge will be great.

From a corporate and money standpoint, Disney will never do away with the duality of the Force. That’s how you sell action figures and other stuff. You need Good Space Wizards versus Bad Space Wizards.


Now do an art with glowing red eyes C3PO smoking the ganja please.

I’m waiting for the Auralnauts take on that. Creepio is their boiiiiiii.

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