Star Wars: The Disney Era


Disney are cowards if they don’t somehow retcon in some cloning tech just to get Donald Glover to play young Han in the new trilogy. MAKE IT HAPPEN I DON’T CARE IF IT’S FAN SERVICE


I’m really bummed Solo kinda bombed because it’s putting all the stuff I want to see on the back burner. I wanted to see more lighter toned action adventure movies set in the Empire era. Han Solo movies, Lando movies, movies about Boba Fett and other bounty hunters. If they did it like Marvel with a movie every year I’d be happy. I’m not that picky I just want to see Star Wars.


I agree. And I don’t think they will stop but it will force them to reality about it. I wish they would become comfortable to make these decidedly lower budget, more intimate stories. You don’t need every Star Wars to be epic space battles. Some of the best parts of the OG trilogy was really simply set.

Bobba Fett hunting bounties on a desert or forest planet is cheap and easy to make a movie out of. A few simple space scenes and you have yourself a movie. Keep it practical, keep the scale reasonable, and ship it.


Yes, that would be great, but Disney can’t help themselves.

Please give us “The Life of Malakili”


Hell yes. Tales from Jabba’s Palace was my favorite EU book.


I’d be into it.

Honestly I still think they need a movie or show about a long journey on a Star Destroyer. If Star Wars is all about just making the SW version of a particular genre then it’s the SW version of an age of sail voyage film. And in it’s way would be the closest SW could come to the Star Trek concept, albeit the Empire being an entirely different regime. Still the idea of a lone ship deep in the outer rim acting mostly on its own initiative would work.

The Star Destroyer is probably my favorite single thing from SW. It’s big enough to be a setting in and of itself while also being a character in it’s own right. It also has a vast crew and may be used for a vast array of purposes. The potential storywell to draw from is vast and deep.




Watch it before Mickey takes it down: