Star Wars: The Disney Era


It didn’t even burn down the old books.


If you really think that Star Wars is going to end the polar nature of its universe, you’re probably going to be disappointed. At the end of the day, it’s a mass-marketed fantasy movie aimed primarily at kids and older fans. It’s never going to be nuanced with shades of gray.


Despite the polar stances there are still people who insist the Jedi were evil and the Sith have a point.


Sure, but the official cannon, and especially the movies, will never say that.


And Rick is a good guy and Scott Pilgrim was never a dick, according to some. People are always going to misinterpret media.


Rey and Kylo making gray jedi babies or GTFO.

Bracing for disappointment.


Finn and BB8 making cyborg Jedi babies or GTFO.


I’d watch that.


People who are correct, you mean.


George Lucas reveals what his sequel trilogy would’ve been like if Disney hadn’t bought Lucasfilm.



This is amazing. WTF is rey doing? And the three Death Stars thing just reminds me of Andromeda.


<sarcasm>Rey is in the kitchen, cooking a dinner, where she belongs.</sarcasm>



Rey is oven roasting Porgs for Sunday dinner.



Works every time.


Lando’s gonna dieeeee is my prediction :-p


I hope he dies from getting drunk on 40s.


My guess is it’s more of a “shit Luke and Han and Leia and Vader and Obiwan and Yoda and Boba Fett are all dead we need someone other than Chewie and R2 to have a speaking role and that just leaves C3PO call Lando” type thing.