Star Wars: The Disney Era


Solo ticked off a lot of points I wanted to see in a Star Wars movie since Disney took over, like a self-contained interesting story that wasn’t about a FUCKING DEATH STAR or who is the next chosen one Jedi. It also avoided the things I’ve been sick of in all the other Disney Star Wars movies, like having to end with space battles and laser sword fights. Instead it ended with genuine and surprising human character moments, not based on turning to the dark side or being evil, but just making their way in a desperate world.

In fact, I think that’s what I liked most about it. Because it isn’t about chosen people who are at the head of armies or royalty, it feels like the most grounded movie since the original. Desperate people thrust together, just trying to get by. I think that makes the story (which didn’t keep cutting away to action scenes and battles elsewhere) focus down onto a single interesting thread, and makes it the most satisfying story in Star Wars for a long time.

However, it was let down by some very clunky moments which, as far as I can tell, come from script rewrites and reshoots. There’s a lot of evidence of whole sections being left over from the original directors (Lord and Miller) before other parts were shot (or reshot) by Ron Howard. Most of those came from the fan service moments, things rammed in to the story that don’t make sense, and only survive because they reference something in the original trilogy.

For me the worst, which will come as no surprise, is the word choices in some parts of the movie. Words you would never say in that situation, because they don’t MEAN anything in that situation. Like in Rogue One, it was “hope”, “trap”, “hope”, “trap” and all can think was “THIS IS NOT A TRAP, IT’S NOT EVEN A THING YOU COULD CALL A TRAP” and “Nobody keeps saying the word hope that much!” I think I counted “hope” seven times in The Last Jedi.

One example in Solo is the line “This is a rebellion!” Sounds okay, but “rebellion” is what the people in power call a resistance or revolution. Revolutionaries don’t call themselves rebels, it’s what they are called. It’s like calling yourself terrorists… no, you are freedom fighters. But because “rebel” is now a Star Warsy word, it’s inserted into these new movies. “Rebellion” now joins “trap” and “hope” as a word without even a real meaning any more in Star Wars, it’s purely a signifier of “you have seen another movie”.

I kinda want to see a Star Wars movie written and directed by people who had never watched a Star Wars movie with any audible dialogue. Some words and phrases should just be banned, at least, just to keep the language making sense.

So mostly a good film, but uneven, and annoying in ways I wish these movies weren’t.


It’s Star Wars so they’re going to use words differently that we do, because it’s not our Galaxy. Similar to how the British call elevators Lift and Americans call them Elevators. They’re constructing their own language.

A good example of this is in the newer Star Wars novels. Han and Lando are “Heroes of the Rebellion” according to the people of the galaxy. Even though there’s a “New Republic”.

SWTOR did something similar, when you played a Trooper Character you fought “Separatists”, when you played an Imperial character you fought “Rebels”.

At this point Star Wars has reached a saturation point similar to the Origin of Superman and Spider-Man. You know the good guys fighting the Empire are the Rebel Alliance. So in One or Two lines they basically established “This is how the Rebels were able to afford a small fleet of ships and almost never had to worry about fuel unless the plot called for it.”


As we covered previously:


Wasn’t the Mofference thing from a novel aimed at kids?


Muffs, Mufferences in a Mufference room on a Muffship.


Nope - it was from the Jedi Prince series, which was aimed squarely at the adult nerds.


The more I think back at Solo, the more I don’t remember the bad stuff, and just remember having a good time. I guess I had such a strong, but small and pointed, negative reaction due to the bad stuff being loaded up at the start. Especially the introduction of the dice. So clunky. And the dice were a way to connect Han and Luke and Leia in The Last Jedi, not for pre-Leia love interests of Han.

Anyway, I think if I were to pick a Disney Era Star Wars movie to watch again right now, I’d probably go for Solo, then The Last Jedi, then Rogue One, then The Force Awakens. That’s not a ranking of how good I think the movies are, just how interesting I think it would be to watch them again.


Can someone explain to me if Jenny Nicholson is for real, or is just the best troll ever? I don’t know whether to lump her into the shitpile of amateur YouTube film critics, or admire her work at tweaking Star Wars fans. All I know is that her Solo review is 50 minutes long and there’s no fucking way I’m watching that.


Jenny Nicholson is one of the best new Youtube media critics and I’m not joking. The difference is from watching her videos, I believe she actually does love Star Wars and is simply critical of parts of it (see her video on Forces of Destiny and Marketing to Girls) and not jaded like RedLetterMedia. Funny enough, her history on the internet originates from that Friendship is Witchcraft MLP Abridged Series but she is so thorough, clever, and biting in all of her videos. Her videos on The Last Jedi, The Greatest Showman, and Escape From Tomorrow are pretty amazing.


Jenny Nicholson is one of half a dozen youtube personalities I enjoy watching. Her Solo review was the most enjoyable 50 minutes of my week. You should just watch it. Also watch the top 10 lame things to do at Disney World.

Edit: I think the Forces of Destiny review is a better and less emotionally charged starting point. Also Escape from Tomorrow. Also The Worst Reality Show of All Time.


Plus, she thinks Rogue One is terrible, so we both agree on that!


HOLY SHIT I didn’t know she was part of Sherclop Pones. This elevates her to Neil Cicierega levels of power. Just quietly making excellent shit, disappearing, and making more excellent shit on a different account like it’s easy.


I like Jenny’s videos but I have to be in the mood to listen to her delivery.

My favorite Disney era Star Wars “reviews” are definitely the Auralnauts’ Kyko Ren series.



If only there was a movie about how resorting to anger is a bad thing, even if you think you’re doing something right.




I think Disney’s Star Wars quite good but for new generation. Though, i like new spin-off about Han Solo :slight_smile:


Because Media Analysis YouTubers I like (Lindsay Ellis, Mikey Neumann, Shaun) are releasing videos on it, I finally sat down to watch The Last Jedi. I also caught up with this thread because I have no interest in Solo and haven’t had any to begin with.

At this point I admit to the heresy that I never really cared all that much about Star Wars, even though my family seems to think I like it a lot simply because they know I’m a nerd and hey, if you’re a nerd you have to be into Star Wars, right? To me Star Wars never got beyond the surface level to me. I understand that it resonated with a lot of people when it first came out, to the point where it is said to have revolutionized cinema, but I just never got into it. The movies always seemed like trying to be more than they could ever feasibly hold together, and the really weird obsession about even the most minute details from the fanbase also doesn’t help that. Finally, the worldview the movies ascribe to with an ultimate good and an ultimate bad side also always felt hollow to me.

The Last Jedi on one level appears to break with all that, but only to a certain extent. Sure it says to leave everything behind and burn down your old books, but in the end we still only end up with some good guys battling some bad guys.

The movie itself is still decently made, even if it has some weak points, but it still doesn’t rise to any sort of revelatory level for me. It is still just a bit of fluff cinema. Maybe it’s me here but I really can’t see where the whole obsession the entirety of humanity seems to have with that franchise, much less to the point where assholes think they need to harass people over the fact that they are continuing the story differently than they expect or want it to.



I am very much looking for Episode 9 to declare the end of the extreme good/extreme bad polar stances. Episode 8 set it up well to do this, but they’d better follow through.