Star Wars: The Disney Era



Today is Solo day!



“Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.”


Saw Solo last night.

It’s a really solid Star Wars movie.


Fuck yes I’m excited! When a lot of early critics we’re going meh I was a little worried but now I’ve seen a lot of people I share tastes with saying it’s solid and fun I’m really stoked.


Solo: A Star Wars Story is pretty good until the last 30 minutes. The problem with this movie is when it stands on it’s own as an exploration for Han’s character and the action is really fun. The cast is absolutely wonderful. However, it falls apart when it connects to the overall universe and can’t just sit on shades of gray/morally ambiguous characters and just submits to Solo being a hero and not just a scoundrel.


I still haven’t seen the movie but isn’t that kind of the point? Han wants to not care, wants to look after himself and Chewie and not give a fuck about anyone but can’t help himself because as much as he tries to fight it he does have a conscience and sense of justice.


It’s done in a very clumsy, in-organic way.


Not a movie, but definitely Star Wars in the Disney era, on @cremlian’s recommendation, I read the somewhat recent Darth Vader comic series by Kieron Gillen. It was amazing! If someone ever wants to make a Darth Vader movie or TV series, this should be the basis.

Highly highly incredibly highly recommended!



I guess I will give in and read some of these Star Wars comics. I’m running out of graphics novels I can check out with my 5 free Hoopla checkouts that my local library gives every cardholder, and I know the Star Wars stuff is in there.


I haven’t read all the new Marvel star wars comics yet (I’m a few years behind now), but so far the worst they have been is just good but a lot of them have been excellent. Especially Vader.


Star Wars Comics-wise: I highly recommend Doctor Aphra and the Lando miniseries.

The Poe Dameron series is pretty good, but it’s more for people who are more invested in the newer movies.


Solo was surprisingly much MUCH better than I was expecting and is probably my favorite of the Nu Star Wars movies. It was everything I wanted out of a Star Wars movie.

It’s nice to have a movie where there’s actually chemistry among the ensemble cast, where they interact with each other in meaningful ways, and where the audience actually cares about what happens to them.


They worked really hard to explain the Kessel run in 12* parsecs.


Don’t see it in 3D. It’s basically 2D. I learned my lesson and will do better at researching 3D vs 2D in the future. Save moneys.


“Solo: A Stars Story” is a solid, and fun entry to Star Wars Universe. Much better than expected, watched in a standard screen. But it deserved an IMAX, or a Dobly watch.
Also, this movie would have made an awesome video game, think “Uncharted” but in space!


Solo was everything I wanted Rogue One to be. It’s what Rogue One should have been.



L3’s full name is L3-37.



Like most here, I enjoyed Solo a lot more than I was expecting to. It’s probably the least consequential Star Wars movie ever made, but it’s still better paced, written, and performed than Rogue One and even a good chunk of the episode films. Kudos to that team for pulling it together against all odds!


Surprisingly, my brother liked it even more than I did, and he’s not really a Star Wars fan. He’s seen the original trilogy and all the new movies, but more or less thinks of them as regular movies, not something to fan over. Despite the number of fanservice-y references aimed at all the fanboys and girls out there, the references were integrated in such a way that they just come across as just worldbuilding flavourtext to someone like my brother who’s not in the know. He sent me a pretty interesting text review of the film later after we saw it.