Star Wars: The Disney Era


Or the inevitable memes


The photoshopped in heads just make it look like we’re both checking out Alden Ehrenreich. And, I mean, fair enough, I’m down. I like his hair.


Train Job, a Star Wars Story. I’m excited.


My interest for this movie would probably double if it wasn’t about Young Han Solo. I wish it could have just been Generic Guy instead of an origin story.


I want a K-2SO origin story.


This pretty much explain why I’m not really excited about this movie:

“The trailer does nothing to teach us new things about the character or where he came from. It’s not interested in bringing in any new insight to the character, or showing anything we already knew in a different list. It’s about reinforcing things we already understood, and then saying that it remembers them too. It’s a safe strategy for a series like Star Wars, but that reliance on repeating things to an audience that has repeating them to each for the past few decades is likely part of the reason the enthusiasm for this film seems so low.”


I hear Chewie gets a moon dropped on him :-p


Yeah, but that rotating train. Rotrain. O_O


I don’t get these joyless critics who can’t just take a movie for what it is. Some movies are plot shallow spectacles AND THATS OKAY. I went to Pacific Rim to see giant robots fight giant monsters and by god I got exactly what I paid for. I watch Fast and Furious movies for ridiculous car chases and 80s action movies for buff dudes solving all their problems with automatic weapons. When there’s a Han Solo movie I want to watch Han and Lando be cocky swaggering assholes in space and go on a heist with some other cocky swaggering assholes in space and from the trailer it’s what I’ll get. Don’t get me wrong, character development is good but it’s not required for a movie to be interesting or entertaining.


That’s a perfectly valid reason for wanting to see the movie.

For me though, while I enjoyed Pacific Rim and the Fast and the Furious movies for precisely the reasons you mentioned, I don’t care about the characters at all. They could literally replace the actors with other actors and I would not care. Robots fighting! Cars crashing from one skyscraper to another! That’s all I really care about. The same is not true with Star Wars.

Sure, Star Wars has great action, and many people see it for that (that’s one reason why I enjoy them), but at the same time, Star wars is not just another plot shallow spectacle for me. I know these characters. I grew up with them. They are more than just replaceable actors and actresses in an action movie. Star Wars, at least for me, and I assume some other people as well, is just as much about seeing these characters again that we love, interact with each other, as it is about the pew pew of space ships. It’s because of that that I can’t get behind this movie. This movie just seems so unnecessary and such a cynical cash grab. Like I wrote above, if it was just a generic Star Wars heist movie, my expectations would be a lot lower and my excitement would be a higher. But it’s not. It’s the Han Solo origin movie. And at least for me, that mantle carries with it added expectations and responsibility. I neither wanted a Han Solo origin movie, nor do I think this movie is going to be good at that. Based on Rogue One and the Last Jedi, I have very little confidence that this movie is going to be good. I would love to be proven wrong though…

Give me a Lando movie, because I’m much less invested in the character and Donald Glover looks like he’s killing it in the role, as opposed to the guy playing Han. Giving me a generic heist movie with characters we’ve never met before that we can learn about from the start. Give me a Mandalorian movie. Give me a Black Squadron movie. Don’t just play on my love for a specific character and nostalgia of my youth and then do a crappy job at it.

I think I’m not going to enjoy this movie for the same reasons people don’t like Ready Player One. Solo is just going to be one reference after another as a wink and a nudge to the Star Wars fans watching it, and I want more than that. If at any point in the movie Han says that it’s important to always shoot first, I’m going to be pissed off.

Maybe it all comes down to the actor playing Han, maybe it’s because I’d rather see Han Solo doing something new and something I haven’t seen before than some guy pretending to be Harrison Ford doing Han Solo-y things. In the trailer, Han says that he used to be in the Imperial Navy and was kicked out for having a brain or whatever. I forget the exact quote. Make a movie about THAT. Show Han in a new light and doing things that the audience hasn’t seen him do before. Don’t just phone it in and fall back on what is essentially fan service.



But this has been 90% of all three Disney Era Star Wars movies so far. Did you not see Rogue One? It was “HopeTrapHopeTrapHopeTrap” until those words lost all meaning. Solo is going to be nothing more or less than just the same as you’ve seen so far, with maybe more/better comedy.


I didn’t enjoy Rogue One, but at least the characters were new. That being said, one of the main reasons I didn’t enjoy Rogue One was because the new characters had no characterization or arcs.


I’m largely into Star Wars for the same reason people travel to New Zealand to visit Hobbiton. My “red line” is when the directly is actively shitting on the movie to troll the fans. (Michael Bay)


I don’t know if that’s a bad thing necessarily. Kids haven’t grown up with the old ones.

Sometimes the new version is just better.


God, Rogue one was so good. I didn’t need an arc, characters don’t need to grow, they grew by dying horribly.


Did they really have to destroy a rather nicely preserved classic car to prove a point about advances in safety?


Without wanting to get into it too much, one of the biggest reasons I hated Rogue One was because I didn’t care about any of the characters. So when they died, it didn’t have any impact for me, it didn’t have any gravitas. I cared more about George Kirk in the first J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot, even though he’s in only 10-15 minutes of the entire movie, than I cared about any of the characters in Rogue One, other than the droid. Who cares if someone dies if their death is meaningless to me?


The blind wanna be Jedi and his lovers death meant nothing to you? You are truly heartless ;-p

Also, the death of that star destroyer,


It’s a 57 Bel Air, it’s not exactly super rare.