Star Wars: The Disney Era


I’m stil hoping we can get a series about life aboard a Star Destroyer during the pre-Death Star Empire. A ship on a cruise out near some outer rim world, up and coming officer who means well and wants to truly serve and realizes over time how fucked the whole situation is. Maybe over a few seasons we finally get them deciding to go Rebel.


I never paid attention to the EU as a kid but the video games set in the prequels definitely had an impact on me. The question is, what do the sequels offer in terms of setting for extended universe tie-ins? As clunky as the Clones Wars were, they made for a great setting in terms of basing games and stories on it. How does the state of the SW universe at the end of TFA or TLJ support any kind of supplemental material?


Monaco horse-goat racing!


Reminder that EU works didn’t go anywhere. The books are still there, so are the comics, I still have Knights of the Old Rebublic on my Steam library, it’s all still around. It’s just no longer canon, but for that I say “fuck canon”. If something is good, it’s good and if something is shitty it’s shitty, being canon or not does not affect that one bit. Thus all the old good and bad works in EU are and will be around and new works on new canon will be made. And I assume that there are some people around that can’t let go of the old canon and will create something for that too.


Well the N64 podracing game was actually sick so maybe its not as far-fetch as it seems. Though the ultimate message of horse-racing equals slavery might make it a hard sell.


As far as I understand the Clone Wars Movie and TV series are still Canon. Rebels doesn’t make sense otherwise. The mistake of the Clone Wars Movie was trying to pass off a 3-episode pilot as a complete movie. (And a complete Star Wars movie at that.)

EU novels involving Luke always suffered from “What contrived circumstance can we introduce to nullify Luke’s ability to use the force.” Then there were the Vong, who came across like as the most “Late-90’s, Early-00’s” villain ever. “They have Tattoos and Piercings, and they’re Sadomasochists.” gags


Right now both the First Order and the Resistance are a bit of a mess. The Supremacy was basically Capital of the First Order and that’s a wreck. So the First Order is going to spend time rebuilding it. So you have this galaxy of planets where no one is really in control on a galactic level. You don’t have the Empire and you don’t even have the New Republic. There are a lot of places you can go with that level of chaos in the galaxy. Some system might decided to expand their area of influence, in other systems the population might decide it’s time for a revolution.

However, considering how fast they’re going to put out the next movie it doesn’t matter. The OT had 3-4 years between movies, the PT was 3 years, now they have this down to 2 years and they’re making “side story” movies in the “off-year”.


Yep. Everything officially produced by Lucasfilm or studios contracted by them, is still canon. All the officially made films, TV shows(except the holiday special). the reference books(As in, the cut-aways books and such), and then all of the books, tv, comics, and whatever(with a handful of exceptions) realeased after the novel “A New Dawn.”

Or turning him evil. I swear, he went between the light and the dark side so many times, he was less Jedi Knight than Strobe Light.



Looks fun to me!!



/15 characters


The rpg podcast System Mastery recently branched out into Expounded Universe, where they read and discuss EU books one chapter at a time. It’s all dumb bullshit, and Leia is space racist. I don’t care about Star Wars, but I listen to it because the hosts make it hilarious.


It comes out next month‽ I was expecting to wait until Christmas again.


I think the Christmas release date is only for the “main” or “numbered” Star Wars movies. Side stories, like Rogue One and Solo, can be released at any time, but usually leading up to the summer.


You mean, the rulebooks? Because if they’re talking about the whole EU one chapter at a time they’re gonna have a lot of fuckin’ work coming.

Also, RE: Solo trailer, I can’t wait for the inevitable remixes where they strip the music and replace it with “I’m Han Solo” from that star wars dancing game.


Two months ago!


But it’s not a remix of the freshly released trailers, now, is it? That’s why I called them inevitable. It’s already been done, so someone will rush to take the easy joke and do it again.


The novels. Sometimes it’s a chapter, sometimes a couple chapters—usually about a dozen episodes per book. They’re not in a hurry. They just concluded the one with the golden meatball.


I might listen to that, then. Or at least, just those episodes, rather than the whole show.


Watched it just now, it looks like it’s going to be exactly the kind of movie that would star Han Solo. Also, even just from the few lines in the trailer it looks like Donald Glover is going to fucking NAIL playing Lando.