Star Wars: The Disney Era

If the Resistance had stocked them in Last Jedi, maybe they wouldn’t have been in the situation they found themselves in haha.

Why is the resistance only like 30 people by the end of Last Jedi, and now it’s a thousand ships? How powerful is the First Order anyway? What’s the government situation exactly?

Theory: the New Republic is fine. Mon Mothma is running the galaxy. The old rebellion crew couldn’t handle the transition to peacetime, so they’re still playing Rebel against the last scraps of the Empire. It’s not officially officially sanctioned, but it’s so far beneath the notice of anyone in the real government, Mon Mothma just looks the other way.

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“That is canon. It’s glossed over in the movie. Bloodline and the novelization paints a clearer picture, as do some of the comics. The Republic underwent military downsizing, and the First Order (a recognized govt.) confined itself to its own space. The Resistance operates in FO space.”

Seems like a super BS reason. One would think that each world in the republic would hold a pretty large military. Apparently the Aftermath books explain what happened. .

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Yeah, I gotta say, the thing that’s turned me off seeing ROS in theatres more than anything, is seeing how JJ and Terrio have been scrambling to throw everyone else under the bus and trying to deflect criticism from their poorly-received attempt.

Edit: Oh, and going back to older interviews and things - stuff like how despite their excuses, they clearly filmed a lot more KMT scenes, and then just cut them, because a lot of pre-release interviews make it seem like Kelly has a very different picture of how much she’s actually in the movie, and she also mentions quite a few scenes that you can see the outline of in the film, but just have bits missing, that would line up with sections she talks about filming.

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Aftermath explained that the New Republic demilitarized after Jakku. The notion being that the Galactic Republic only needs enough of a military to discourage Piracy between systems. Which is what the Old Republic had pre-clone war.

In “Rise of Resistance” it was mentioned that the First Order was kidnapping potential Resistance Allies after the Force Awakens.A lot of these people were ex-New Republic politicians and military personnel.

I think they were going for a “France under the Nazis”-atmosphere. Since the First Order were Fascist with very large chip on their shoulder.

Bloodlines did create political factions in the New Republic: You had the Centrists, who profited enough under the Imperial system to want to bring it back, and the Populists who wanted each individual system to have more autonomy.

The thing about Star Wars you could tell interesting stories about Galactic Politics, but JJ didn’t really seem interested in doing that.

The sequel trilogy gave us a lot of cool metaphorical toys to play with, now hopefully someone will do something interesting with them.

sigh Damn it…

The only upside of the Disney Corporate Monopoly is they don’t fuck around when it comes to letting bootleg merch exist. They might let the Punisher shirt slide because that’s more or less the brand, but the baby Yoda merch probably is a bridge too far.

I’d have paid money to see this version of Episode IX:

Havn’t seen episode 9 yet, but the only thing I really want to see from that version is a roided up sith cthulhu monster.

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I guess Disney is making their own EU now.

They have started talking about the Republic’s borders. That idea makes me remember of good old “Firefly”, and I am about that.

They were making their own EU since, Rogue One got announced. Or technically before that, as soon as the old EU got thrown out, as Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels were running at that time and they Extend the Universe of the main series movies.

Pretty much. The reason nobody picked up on it is because of the new Canon rules, it’s less “EU” than just “U.”

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Where is my Rogue/Wraith Squadron movie Disney??!!!

I enjoyed this edit, but less because of the baging music and more because it highlights the many great but brief shots of starfighters in many of the Star Wars movies and I want to see more of that!


I liked it for both, but I was just the right age to see Top Gun in the theaters when I was a kid and it had a lasting impact on me.

Definitely agree that we need more starfighter action in Star Wars.