Star Wars: The Disney Era

I think the main problem is we living in an era of “My ignorance is equal to your knowledge.” so you have this Good vs Evil morality-play that gets lost on people if you try to be subtle about it. If you don’t you get accused of “Pandering to a crowd that I do not identify with and do not wish to be associated with.”

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeah boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


Fucking hilarious.

More Auralnauts making sick beats.


Not surprising but interesting.


I enjoyed this, a pretty good blend of the feel of Star Wars and an anime opener. I especially like the cut from Anakin & Obi-Wan fighting Dooku to them fighting each other on Mustafar.

Final trailer:

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Definitely better than the last trailer, still on the fence about it. Will probably see it eventually in theaters, but not in any rush.

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Well, the Game of Thones boys are off the Star Wars project, most likely after admitting how unskilled they actually are.

It does beg the question how were they even allowed to talk to GRRM to adapt the series in the first place.

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They explicitly said that their contract with Netflix meant they did not feel they had the time to actually work on a film trilogy for Disney and still make their contract commitments. Kathleen Kennedy went so far as to state to the press that the door is basically still open for them to come back and do something star wars related. Additionally whatever critical reception the end of GoT they are still a name recognition win for Disney.

And of course, the usual cadre of alt-right gamergate-esque turds have completely ignored this, and are preferring to act like A)Kennedy fired them, personally, for a various number of dumb conspiracy theory reasons, and B)Disney is going to go bankrupt because of Kennedy, and they’re going to fire her any day now.

I mean, Kennedy should be fired because the value loss that Rogue One, TLJ, and Solo represent. Regardless of how you personally feel about each of those films they under preformed to the point that Disney had to hit the freeze button on a lot of projects and shifted things around.

Minus Solo, that statement makes no sense. Both Rogue One and The Last Jedi made over a billion dollars, each.


Oh, certainly Rogue one and TLJ were successful, but I actually think they could’ve have made more money given the base value of the IP. When I say value loss I mean Diminished Value of the properties associated against potential profits. I believe Solo’s flop was partially due to issues with the other two films slowing the inherent momentum of the Star Wars IP. Solo of course had serious problems, well beyond any production issues on the first 2 films, but the Star Wars brand should’ve held it up more if say it came out in the timeslot Rogue One did.

Is the SW fanbase that insane? I still just have the same mindset of “OH COOL STAR WARS X-WING GO PEW PEW OH MAN COOL ALIENS AND SPACE WIZARDS!” I had as a kid. Solo was AWESOME to me, up there with A New Hope.


Yeah, I’m of the same mind on the issue. Solo might be among my least favorite of the movies in the Franchise, but “Least favorite” and “Didn’t like” are not the same thing.

I mean, I read pretty much every EU novel in existence, I know there are far lower depths to which Star Wars can sink than the slightly damp puddle of Solo.


I just want more Star Wars all the time. Gimme gimme.

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Oh I did too. There was some good stuff but sooo much crap. I didn’t know it was crap with elementary school kid brain though.