Spicy Food


I was actually about to suggest changing categories to flame wars.


Wasn’t my original intent, but it’s getting hot in here.


So in that video the new sauce is sort of revealed. A lot of marketing. I see a lot of people arguing over whether this cold pressed “squeezings” is really that different from extracts.

I don’t necessarily know either way. I don’t delve into super-hot stuff, but I’d try it.


The last dab has been use in the last few interviews. From the guest reactions it doesn’t seem as terrible as the previous mega death sauce. Flavorwise and heatwise.


And you’re a condescending prick so fuck off.


I suggest we start a sK0pe flame war thread.


I propose we call it spice wars


There’s a book club thread for that already.


You’re not wrong. He accuses me of harassment when he blows in a thread tells everyone they’re wrong about everything with a condescending attitude and wonders why people get mad.


I referred to a neurotransmitter involved in the reception of spice. You asked which one, I posted it. You followed up dismissively & condescendingly, assuming a bunch of nonsense about why I posted it. I backed off because IDGAF about your ego trip.

Also lol, bc I don’t see you blowing up about every unsubstantiated and incorrect statement made daily in this forum.


I wanted to get a bottle of it on the first run, but horribly missed the time since they said day but not time so I thought it would be later in the day instead of 8am PST. But they’re opening an uncapped preorder tomorrow so I’ll just put in for some tomorrow. I doubt it’ll see much use beyond gags every now and again, but I’m interested in supporting the show since it’s one of like two YouTube shows that I actually go out of my way to watch.