Silicon Valley is stupid


I’ll say this. The Model 3 is a really nice car, albeit I don’t like some of their human factors design decisions (i.e. using basically a tablet computer in the center of the front panel for all indicators like speed, gas, etc.). I’m not sure about the repair-ability, given how the only thing that really matters in electric cars is replacing the batteries, brakes, and tires.

Then again, I’ve never experienced a Chevy Bolt either, so I can’t compare.


Yeah, that was another thing, I like having a real volume knob and stuff. I think the Model 3 is reasonably well built now that I’ve seen them but I would’ve had to preorder it long before any info was available.


Yeah, I’m all for physical buttons, switches, and knobs where practical too. This isn’t the USS Enterprise-D where we’ve had hundreds of years to work out whatever wackiness may happen in touch screens. I don’t want my car radio to be stuck in an endless loop of “Never Gonna Give You Up” at max volume because the touch screen virtual off switch is malfunctioning.




So, it turns out that one of the doctors at the Tesla in-house clinic that Elon Musk called “the absolute best care for our associates” - that has already been strongly criticized for downplaying and refusing treatment, so that it didn’t have to be reported - has just had his license revoked for a number of violations, including gross negligence, sexual misconduct and sexual exploitation.

Link to the document for the decision.

More information about Tesla’s dodgy-ass medical clinic, including non-existent(and in one case, deceased and a doctor of a non-medical field) Doctors signing teslas medical clinic paperwork.







I know that it doesn’t make sense in some ways and has the NUMTOTS up in convulsions, but if the musk tunnel is a ORD to Loop express that takes significantly less time, then I see the merit.


But if it’s going to ORD, why let cars into it instead of just having another TRAIN in that tunnel? :wink:


What’s even the point if I still need to sit next to poor people?

To be fare, I’m pretty sure the blue line costs $5 if you get on at O’Hare. On the other hand, it’s pretty good as far as trains go, and I don’t think I’ve ever needed to stand.


Rode it from and to the airport; it was okay as far as American trains go (old, smelly, and late), but that’s not saying a whole lot.


I think I was under the understanding that the actual Boring Company tubes would become some kind of hyperloop express line, where you get on a little shuttle, and it travels at some extreme velocity; not just an "It’s a small world’ ride for a custom Tesla, like their test tunnel. If it’s the latter, then it’s useless in any context, regardless of the proposed route.

As it is, I don’t mind the MTA, tho it’s been a few years (ok maybe a lot of years now) since I’ve been on it.


Yeah, they’ve been quietly shifting toward the modified-tesla-platform-on-friction-rails that so that they can actually get something deployed before the heat death of the universe. The large vacuum tunnels they had in mind were…well, not impossible, but so absurdly difficult and inefficient that you might as well just call it that.

In fairness, they don’t want to use modified teslas in the final product - they want to use what amounts to a small train-car mounted on one or two model-X “Sleds” (The running gear and batteries, without the bodywork.) So, basically an undersized electric train with different rails.


So not exactly hyperloop, but more of a superloop.

I can see the point (from a sort of engineer’s perspective) if the thing is literally like an amusement park ride with shuttles going in a constant loop and pulling in as soon as the one in front leaves. In most cases the lines wouldn’t be too long at all, especially if there’s a regular public transit rail option and these cost extra.

But seems there’s better things to be working on.


There’s always better things to be working on.

Airport transit projects are always over-funded and under-used compared to the rest of public transport. Politicians see it as a prestige project, something that will represent the city to arriving travelers, etc.

The truth is that getting to the airport is the only time rich people use public transit instead of driving or being driven. And poor people don’t go to the airport very often. So these prestige projects are always toys for rich people at the expense of the poor.

Instead of complaining about this project because it’s a silly tunnel, complain about all silly airport transit projects that aren’t just an extension of the common public transit systems.


Yes, it’s a HuffPo article, but it’s an interview with the dead-eyed nitwit in the picture. Jesus Freaking Christ, he’s a shitty interview. No clear answers to direct, obvious questions and mealy-mouthed answers.

That’s disappointing. And last, I’m just wondering, what use of your platform has horrified you the most, or that you didn’t expect the most?

I mean that we weren’t expecting any of the abuse and harassment, and just the ways that people have weaponized the platform. So, all that is horrible. And you know, we feel bad about that and we feel responsible about it. So that’s that’s what we intend to fix.

We feel bad about the harassment. We didn’t see it coming. Fucking idiot.