Silicon Valley is stupid


Also gift cards can never expire or lose value, which is awesome.



why’d you move away swat. we could STILL do this d:



When you think things couldn’t get any dumber…




Hey, come to think, what happened to that video that was supposedly coming out real soon, showing his shitty underwater deathtrap would have made it through the Thai cave tunnel? Because he swore up and down it was coming real soon, and there’s been not a peep about it.


Smash cut to a Thai cave filled with thousands of smashed subs.





So, in 2015, there was a story about a Tesla customer whose car burned to the ground, because he fired a gun in the car and breached the battery pack, causing a fire in the rear of the car. A funny story that passed without incident, haha, dumb guy does dumb thing and destroys he new car, suck shit bud.

Turns out, the “Gun discharged in the cabin” thing was something that Tesla said, without providing any evidence, after they took possession of the wreck, never letting anyone else look at it, and then destroying it. They had the customer sign a strict NDA, saying basically that they wouldn’t report it to the media, the NHTSA, their insurance company, or anyone else, promising him a fully optioned, brand new car, but only if he signed immediately and turned over the car.

Of course, as anyone with two spare neurons to rub together has already figured out, as soon as he signed, and the car was in their possession - suddenly that’s when the gunshot theory came up from Tesla, they tore up the agreement(as they decided it was his fault), and since he’d waved off his insurance company, he was essentially out 130+K.

The chap of course filed suit, and despite Tesla forcing him to fight it all the way up to the supreme court, Tesla eventually settled when it looked like losing the lawsuit was imminent.

More details here, including excerpts and a link to the entire court filing. The details and timeline all check out. I normally expect Tesla to be shady as shit, but the details of this even had me stunned.


Unrelated to that. A guy has rooted his car. Not just the center console either. The part of the car that lets it car.


Tesla: amazing tech in theory in their cars (at least relative to most of the rest of the industry). Too bad the people running the company are some of the douchiest around.

Edit: that said, it’s not like other car companies wouldn’t try to pull some shit like that either. I mean, look at the VW Diesel scandal, the Ford Pinto, etc…


While I agree, other companies would do similar things at scale, Tesla is relatively unique in that they’re doing it at scale, and to individuals. Other car companies are fucking scum at scale, but rarely individually agressive, Tesla is both scum at scale(see - their various problems like whompy wheels and suspension failures, spontaneous fires, Autopilot being completely unready for deployment and essentially being a beta pushed on the public, etc), while also being incredibly personally vindictive, for relatively little gain. They could have easily provided the car as per agreement, and covered it up neatly - instead, they chose to fuck the guy over, and then lost much more money in the settlement because they did it stupidly.

They have gone after multiple journalists trying to destroy their reputations, they’ve done similar things to many other customers(for example, they smeared one customer who had a suspension issue, they’ve smeared customers from multiple autopilot accidents including one fatality, they’ve filed false police reports about ex-employees, etc), where there’s no real profit motive for them like there would be for other automotive companies, it’s just sheer vindictiveness. It’s not even just for PR protection, because they could have easily done that without taking such vindictive measures, which on many occasions have earned them more bad PR than good.


You raise a good point about Tesla “making things personal,” so to speak… I don’t recall any other car companies being so personally vindictive either, now that you mention it.

I think the Tesla fan boys are so taken by the tech in the cars that they just don’t think about how shady they are in other areas of the business… I admit, I used to be something of one, but barring a major change of corporate culture, I have no desire to own a Tesla any time soon, if ever.


I’ve never wanted a Tesla specifically - they’re cool, but not the kind of cool that appeals to me, if I wanted a fast, quiet, and comfortable sedan for that kind of money, I’d buy a Merc, and get more for my dollar than 0-60 times - but I did like the company previously. And then I slowly found out more and more of the shady shit, and now, fuck 'em, and fuck Elon Musk too, he’s a piece of shit.


The only thing I found cool about the Tesla was the fact they were fully electric with 200 or so mile range. Like you, if given the choice between a Tesla and an electric Merc with similar range and price, I’d go for the Merc as well. The 0-60 times didn’t really mean anything to me as I’m not going to be street drag racing. And yes, given the shadiness of the company and Elon, I’m 100% with you.


I have a Chevy Bolt, and it’s kinda weird when I talk to Tesla fanboys about it. It feels a little like talking to a Mac fanboy about a practical non-mac laptop.

A big part of why I didn’t get a Model 3 is that nobody had them and nothing was known about repairablity, meanwhile there were videos of mechanics tearing down the Bolt and swapping the battery pack. Tesla and Musk being shitty is just a nice extra justification.