Silicon Valley is stupid


Before anyone says it - No, those two things aren’t related, the CAO filed his resignation on the 4th, a couple days before. Word is, however, that his Comms VP is leaving because of his comments earlier in the week to Buzzfeed, regarding Vern Unsworth.


And Musk’s doucheyness is a very compelling reason, at least to me, not to buy a Tesla when the time comes to buy my next car, as much as I love the tech (and since my boss got a Model 3 and took me for a spin in it, it actually is some pretty cool tech, having experienced it first hand).

I’m only hoping that there will be a good selection of EVs by the time I do buy a new car in the next couple of years.



Hey, if you pay your employees like shit, you can’t complain when they seek additional income sources and nave no loyalty.


You’ll never get who just had hard evidence of union busting within his company come to light.

Short version: It’s come to light that in conversations with Tesla HR, the idea was floated to promote UAW-Supporters and attempted organizers within the company to positions within the Saftey team - which would make them technically management level employees, and therefore ineligible to advocate or organize for unions if they took those positions, along with potentially invalidating any pro-union actions they took after taking up those positions(and in doing so, damaging unionization efforts.)




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Well, this is fascinating.


Depending on the company and how the penalties are applied, I’m imagining that many of these companies will eat the fine just to not bother. It’s only $100k to $300k. Apple, Google, etc… It’s not even pocket change, it’s pocket lint and gum wrappers.


In an ideal world, it wouldn’t be necessary as it would be a true meritocracy and just because they make up just over 50% of the population, odds are there would be at least some women on the boards as a result.

Of course, this isn’t an ideal world (hopefully it will be one day, but I doubt it will completely happen in my lifetime) and most corporate boards tend to be a good ol’ boys’ club. It will be interesting to see how this goes.


If ya wanted to give it teeth, ya could make the fines scale. Make it something like, we fine you 1% of your net California based revenue per woman you don’t have on the board that you should. They’d stand at attention then.


That’s what MA did. Mass has some weird blue laws regarding Christmas, Thanksgiving, and I think Easter, regulating who can and cannot be open. WalMart was basically like “Fuck you, State AG. We’re going to be open Thanksgiving, because our profits are more important than allowing humans time with their families” hoping to basically outscale the fines, and I think it turned out that like, the fines were, like, 110% of all revenue you made that day or something.


That is delicious.


Holy shit there’s a law with teeth.


Massachusetts is not afraid to fuck around with who can sell what. Look up MA liquor laws regarding off-premise drinking (or how happy hour is illegal here) for some fun little fucky weird loops.


Happy hour is a little odd here - It’s allowed, but you can’t advertise it outside of your premises, but you are allowed to list the time and specials in advertising(ie, you can’t put a sign up in the window, but you can take an ad out in the paper), it can only happen within the venue, and no matter how much you discount drinks(which some states have differing laws about how much is allowed), Responsible Service of Alcohol laws still apply, so anyone ordering drinks too fast or while appearing too drunk must be refused.


It’s straight-up banned in MA because some girl decided to go car surfing on like, memorial drive or something and her friend flipped the car.


RI and I believe a number of other places, don’t let you discount drinks for happy hour: but it’s totally fine to discount food for whatever reason, reasons such as if purchased with a drink within a certain timeframe. So after class, we would go across town to get massive $2 burgers to go with our $6 beers.