Silicon Valley is stupid


Would allow?

That’s not how unionization works, my dude. In fact, that you don’t have any input on the process is kind of the point. Why is it that so many allegedly very smart people are so fucking dumb?


Because they think they’re smart enough that the rules don’t apply, or they know how to skirt around the rules.


I always have to check Musk’s feed now because I initially assume these are fake. It’s too buck-wild to be true.


He deleted the tweet but there are plenty of screenshots going around. I love how he had a tantrum where he accused a hero of abhorrent things, perpetuated a stereotype of a country AND that anyone who is an expat in Thailand must be there to have sex with children. What a super guy.


“I’ll bet you a signed dollar it’s true” is the most asinine thing I’ve ever seen a person billionaire say.


And if a screenshot isn’t enough, here’s two archive links I took last night.

The initial three calling him a pedo.
The doubling down.

One will get you ten that he said it because he literally believes that he’s only putting down a dollar, because he believes that his signature on it makes it an immensely valuable collectable item, rather than just a buck that some dickhead scribbled on.





So, turns out that Elon Musk basically caught wind of the Doxxing of a prominent Tesla critic, and used this opportunity to calm his fanbase, remind them that Doxxing people is wrong, and generally did the right thing.

Lol JK he actually used that information to find and call up said critic’s boss and threaten them with lawsuits, and was only placated by the blogger volunteering to both delete his twitter account, and stop writing about Tesla. Which is straight up fucking blackmail, but Elon will get away with it because he’s rich and popular.



Pardon me a moment while I leech from Rym’s Twitter feed.

Read this whole thread. It’s a riot.


Is this the right thread for Musk bullshit?

A British man, who Elon Musk called a “pedo” on Twitter, has retained legal counsel and is “preparing a civil complaint for libel” against the Tesla CEO, according to a letter viewed by BuzzFeed News. The letter appears to contradict a claim Musk made on Twitter on Tuesday that he had yet to see any legal repercussions from his allegations, and deepens the problems for the already embattled technology billionaire.


And judging by the dates on the letters, not only was Musk lying when he made that claim yesterday, he was doing so knowingly.



The saga continues - Musk, pretty much completely out of the blue, emailed a delusional, angry rant to a Buzzfeed reporter, unilaterally declaring that it was off the record(which, uh, is really not how that works at all in the slightest), making a whole bunch of absurd accusations about Vern Unsworth, The Cave Explorer/Diver who Musk accused of being a Pedophile. He also tried to follow that up with another email that unilaterally declared that it was “On Background”(Which is also super not how that works) with more absurd fantasyland bullshit.

In A New Email, Elon Musk Accused A Cave Rescuer Of Being A “Child Rapist” And Said He “Hopes” There’s A Lawsuit.


Since I haven’t seen it here in this thread, I thought I’d just bring up the YOSPOS thread made by the engineer from Tesla who’s NDA just expired. It’s… Amazing. Here’s the thread, starting from this post, and here’s Just some highlights.


Heh, I think I posted it earlier in TotD but I think this’d be a more appropriate venue.