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Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra review

Scott hasn’t seen either…

Rymily Review


15 characters of da fuk

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Those shows are too old at this point to be worth a Geeknights review. A roundtable with friends of the show might make for an entertaining episode though.

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Shows and book series that conclude properly. There are so many shows that have bullshit endings that detract from the whole experience, what properties fulfill their promises?

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I’d be up for some Graphic Novel reviews if you want additional content, like in addition to a book club have a Graphic Novel club. + side we’d get thru the books quicker.

SINCE IT SEEMS LIKE WE WILL NEVER REVIEW GIVE US THE BALLOT for a second political Geeknight book :-p


I keep reading comics and Rym keeps watching anime. We just do not align, which makes Wednesday episodes difficult.

Most recently I read volume 1 of Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji. I think I’ll be able to get Rym to read that.

Well if you want to do a show occasionally on a comic he hasn’t read I’m available and have a decent mic :-p

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Have you read Black Hammer?


"Cleaning"and “Getting rid of stuff” naturally leads into another boring topic… “Storage containers and storage units”!


I have! I’d have to read it again though it’s been a few years.

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I just got the newest trade.

I finished Carole & Tuesday. That show is great.


I suggest William Gibson’s 2014 novel The Peripheral for the next book club.

I don’t want to say too much about what exactly it’s about, but it’s very Gibson. In my opinion, it’s one of those books where the less you know about it the better, which might not be your view but I think it’s a good default for this one.

In particular, there is a particular noun that is invoked and eventually explained that I suspect will become the next “full web”.

It also recently has a sequel, which I haven’t gotten to just yet, but I did reread The Peripheral in anticipation.

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I think Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler has, somehow and sadly, became even more relevant of a book to read.

Have Pete on to talk about the government’s response to Covid-19


Tuesday show idea: roundup of computer versions of board games. especially are there any online versions that are particularly good or bad? limit to games you have reviewed already so you are just discussing the online multiplayer aspect.

Cuomo good Trump bad Fauci genius wash your hands stay inside

6 feet stay away never work another day

(EDIT: Cuomo good in this one specific instance, otherwise fuck Andy Cuomo)


But in all seriousness if you want to know stuff just tag me in a post and I’ll respond when I see it! I prefer text-based communication to voice because 1) it’s asynchronous, 2) I process my thoughts better through a keyboard and text because I’m a visual learner, 3) I can proofread to sound smarter, and 4) I can drop links to handy facts so you can have the information right there.