Shit Talk of Your Day


What podcast player are you using? The one I use lets you do a 30 second skip simply by swiping one finger across the screen. I don’t even need to look at – just need to put my phone in the cupholder or something (though I happen to have a suction cup mount so I can also use the GPS).

Churba, again you show yourself as one of the better voices of reason on this forum…


Well, that’s terrifying.


You know, I suppose that is.


An AMV set to Uptown Funk, titled Uptown Grunk, featuring Grunkle Stan from Gravity Falls.


Multiplayer Advance Wars online. Use an emulator to stream to twitch. Game gets inputs a la Twitch Plays Pokemon.

Also would work for anything you could stream, though being turn-based probably would help a lot.


Mixer might be better for that. I was talking to @Coldguy about it at Mag, and I guess it allows for pretty easy audience interactions?


Never heard of it before.


It’s Microsoft’s attempt at Twitch.


That explains it.


Here’s my idea for an April fools day video this year: pretend to invent a lightbulb that only illuminates in black and white.

Easily done with camera trickery, impossible to do in real life, but plausible because of miracles like enchroma glasses etc.


You could probably get pretty close in real life with a sodium bulb. Sodium-based light is extremely monochromatic, despite having an orange tint to it.


Really? They should use that for themed Noir nights in night clubs.


The only reason why I don’t think they do is probably because of the orange tint they have.