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Going to rewrite Diggy Diggy Hole so that I can put it in this year’s local pantomine; Snow White.

I want to record all of the unreleased songs my band made in something like Ableton and find a way to release them as a big B-sides album.

Simple game that I can’t program:

You go into a dungeon armed with 3 random prime numbers under 20.
You encounter a random number under 2000.

Your choices are:
Flee it.
Attack it (divide it by one of your numbers)
Accuse it of being a prime number itself.

If you flee you move onto the next encounter and this number is put back into the random number pool.
If you attack and you choose the right weapon it is divided by the weapon number and the options appear again.
If you attack it with the wrong weapon you lose a hit point and the options appear again.
If you accuse it of being a prime and it is; it is defeated and you add the number to your arsenal.
If you accuse it of being a prime and it is not; you lose a hit point and the options appear again.
If you reduce the opponent to 1 - you gain a hit point.
Defeated numbers are removed from the random monster pool so each encounter is unique.

By the end of the game you have reduced every number to it’s prime factors and collected them as weapons.

Example: I encounter: 1407…

I have 3 so I think to attack it.
Success I now face 469…
I’m not sure but I risk hitting it with a 13.
Ouch! I lose a hit point.
I consider running but decide to hit it with a 7.
Success, now it’s a 67.
I suspect it’s a prime number so I accuse it and I’m right!
I add 67 to my weapon list.

I make a mental note that with 67 and my 3 I could now defeat 201 if I see that one but more importantly I could get 2 if I encounter 402…

How do you reduce an opponent to 1?

Also, this is way easy to program. A great first project, Just go for it. Literally any language will work.

Lets say I only have 3, 7, 13 and 67, like in the example.

I encounter 201.
Bam! I divide it by 67 now it’s 3.
Bam! I hit it with 3. Now it’s 1.

I could accuse it of being a prime at 3 as well but because I already have that I should get something. So restore a hit point makes sense too.

A time limit should be included, otherwise perfect play would be trivial.

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Ah, I was thinking you couldn’t encounter a 3, since you already have a 3, but I didn’t consider breaking something down into a duplicate. Also, in this scenario, only the 201 gets added to your inventory?

It’d be simple to make it so that the timer goes faster or slower relative to the size of the baddie.

201 is not a prime number so it is a monster.

A prime number is a monster until you accuse it and tell it that it’s a weapon. Only primes can be weapons.

I’m really excited by this really dumb idea.

You’ve have to flee a lot too. I mean if my dude encountered 1092 I could get it as low as 4 but then have to run.

It’s a pretty good idea.

I would play this. I bet I could get my “will it divide?” heuristics to grow above 12.

Me and my 12 college friends might unironically buy an empty mansion and turn it into a commune

Sounds like by-laws!

Sounds great. That mansion’s gotta be in the middle of nowhere, though. Also, take a look at compounds. They are better at being communes than mansions are.

I tried to do this when I was younger and was the one who was serious in it, the others backed out.

Salty Games Done Quick.

Salty Bet, but wagering space dollars on

  • Kill or save
  • Which team going to win race X
  • Over/under estimate
  • Number of deaths in game Y


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I’ve been thinking more about this. Some things I think saltybet did great:

  1. Short “turns” to keep interest high - the next match is starting in like a minute
  2. Even if you zero out, you always get bailed out salty bucks to get in the game

Both of those wouldn’t inherently be true for SaltGDQ.

Mitigating the above:

  1. Tough - sometimes the marathon is just slow. Also a player might have multiple wagers pending, and bets with a longer horizon (e.g. kill/save) won’t pay out for a week. If you go all in on Kill on Monday, you’re just twiddling your thumbs for 6 days
  2. But you could use a similar salt mines setup. Hit zero balance (even if you have other bets in play that might win) -> get 5 salty bucks immediately. Probably only allow players to bet once per item then

Cons of this setup:

  1. Running it would require a lot of manual intervention. Creating bet opportunities, marking which side won, etc
  2. How to reward people that bet early, relative to latecomers with more information? Or don’t, and players just have to deal with it

Pros of this setup:

  1. Once people figured out the relative fighter strengths, saltybet got kind of predictable. Seems unlikely GDQ will have that problem
  2. As a consequence, Saltybet eventually got to the point where high rollers would collect basically the entire winning pool every match. Could reset everyone’s bankroll every GDQ to mitigate the small fry getting steamrolled constantly


  1. Payout structure: use the same as saltybet (i.e. winners take money from losers based on % of the winning pool)? Use a sportsbook structure where the house has infinite money and everyone bets against odds determined by the house? Something else?
  2. Hide the current odds during betting like saltybet does? Or show them to bettors?

Learn from real sports betting. They have already solved a lot of these problems. Bored because the only thing you bet on is who wins/loses the game? Well, they solve that by letting you bet on all sorts of crazy long and short term shit. Bet on the next pitch. Bet on the result of the next at-bat. Bet on which team scores next. Bet on whether the next score will be a touchdown or a field goal, regardless of team. So on.

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Would anyone actually play this?