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I’ve had a couple game ideas kicking around in my head for years now, but my favorite is a run-based platformer where you design and automate your spells through basic drag-and-drop block coding, but in addition to unlocking spells you have to unlock basic programming functions and drops are randomized. You could set spells to automatically attack the enemy with the least health, anything that gets within a certain distance, or teleport whenever your health gets too low, as long as you have the right blocks.

Use some raspberry pis and remote control cars to make the light cycle game IRL.

You mean something similar to Anki Overdrive?

One day I’ll write my Horatio Hornblower inspired dieselpunk action/romance serial novellas.

A mod of Go with an infinite board. You can view the board at any location, but you can’t see the other player’s stones unless you happen to look at the right coordinates.

Let’s take things a step further.

Non-infinite, but still much larger than normal, Go board. You take turns placing stones just like normal. You can place at any location. You don’t see where your opponent placed. All you know is that they took their turn.

If you happen to place on an opponent’s stone, their stone is revealed. You lose your turn, though. Your opponent doesn’t know that. They just know that you took your turn.

The computer detects when the game is over and who the winner is.

There is a bit of software out there where you can put go onto any graph with any topology. I have a copy of it on my home pc, If I can find a link to a copy of it I’ll post that, if not I’ll upload my copy when I get home.

There are variants where each player gets a few hidden stones before play starts as well as one color go and blind go. Who knew there were so many variants of the game!

Here is the software!

Also, someone wrote a paper generalizing the rules of Go to any topology Topological go

That’s pretty good, but sounds like an actual game you could conceivably play, not a meditation on the meaninglessness of existence.

Adblock for podcasts.

User subscribes to podcast X, Y, Z. The service takes those RSS feeds, when a new episode appears, downloads it, removes any ads, uploads the edited mp3 to a private RSS for the user to download.

Would it even be legal?

Ads for podcasts aren’t a problem because they aren’t security risks.

They’re a problem because I don’t want to hear them.


Then you have no right to listen to the podcast.

EDIT: Here’s an idea, write a script that removes that removes the ads on a local podcast MP3 and run the podcast through the script each time. As long as you’re downloading from the libsyn or whatever the advertisers will give the podcast credit for the download and after you run the script you won’t have to listen to the ads. Don’t redistribute the ad-less podcast, redistribute the script so that other people also provide unique libsyn downloads and also don’t listen to the ads.

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How about fuck all ads. I’m willing to compensate people for their hard work. Bit subjecting myself to even one nanosecond of corporate brainwashing is too high a price to pay for almost anything. It’s evil is so pervasive in our society that it cannot be entirely avoided, but I try as hard as I can. I support anything that is anti-advertising.

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Why support people who support ads if they’re so evil?

What podcasts are you listening to that have such odious ads? You can just skip forward 30 seconds a few times and you’re done. Many podcasts even have chapter markers to make is easier to skip the ads, and just catch the last few seconds before the show resumes.

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Sure, but if the option was there, you wouldn’t download the magically ad-free versions?

FWIW, that’s not always an option. If you’re listening to a podcast while walking your dog, sure but if you’re driving. I try and manipulate podcasts as little as possible while driving. Except perhaps pause.

Depends on the show, I guess. If I still listened to TWIT, I’d get those ad free, because Leo’s multi-minute ad reads for the same advertisers every show tend to get a little tedious. If it’s something like C-team, where the ads are not terribly intrusive and gone as fast as they appear, and show up exactly once in the middle of some - but not all, or even most - shows, then I couldn’t give a shit, half the time I don’t even notice. After all, I’m listening to podcasts while I’m doing other stuff(though not driving, I prefer music to drive), so unless the ad is intrusive or annoyingly long, I just tune it out for a few seconds.

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