Shameless Plugging

This forum is full of thought provoking ideas, opinions and media but I haven’t seen a space specifically for sharing content made by members themselves (except for cooking specific adventures). I would definitely love to get feedback from awesome people for any content I created and to know that others enjoyed consuming it. It could be some literature that you wrote, an audio visualisation script you developed or even a classy phone-book monitor stand you hacked together.

Full disclosure: I’m aware that shameless plugging is somewhat frowned upon so I’m not going to present anything of my own as a sign of good faith. I’m hoping that others might express interest in this thread by posting some of their own work and that once a critical mass of posts appear, I will feel less guilty linking my own.

I look forward to seeing your creations!

I think everyone already knows this but I make music and I think it’s pretty good.

Multiprop Squeeze Catches

A long time friend of mine finally got around to making a store to sell some of her amazing arts. Her art style is best I could describe as something you would see in an issue of Heavy Metal magazine. She has two prints and t-shirt up in the shop. I bought the t-shirt. :sunglasses:

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