Rick & Morty

I think part of what makes Rick and Morty good is that it’s reletively rare. There’s only a few episodes per season, and those episodes concentrate down the goodness and spread it over as little bread as possible. I feel like a huge order like this is a bad idea unless it’s mad open-ended and Harmon and Roiland can keep it together.

In other words, I’m not sick of Rick and Morty, but I bet I will be 70 episodes from now.

You guys, just take what you get, if it’s good watch it if it’s bad move on and complain about it. Pre-judging a show that is a lot of fun already, cause it has been pre-approved for 70 eps is totally an internet thing to do. Go watch a Star War or something.

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I can do both. I contain multitudes.

There’s a lot worth commenting on for an ambitious animation deal like this. Creators involved, Adult Swim’s influence, the popular opinion of fandom at the moment…

Hell, the only other venture I’ve seen for an animated show like this is Dragon Ball Super.

This is a comic, BTW, not a reskin of a board game.

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Justin Roiland has a new series in the works called Solar Opposites. It was pitched to Fox three years ago, but now it’s going to Hulu with a 2-season order. It’s set to premiere in 2020.

Check out some sketches here.

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Yayy its coming… its coming sooon.

I really enjoyed the season opener.

Episode 1, LOL.

I don’t know what I’m enjoying more. The new season, or the raging “fans” of the new season angry about some of the positive themes and de-lionization of Rick.


Clearly, sjws got to this show and ruined yet another Real Man by doing things like “Having consequences to his actions” and “Having people remember his raging psychopathy”.

I wonder, adjacent to nothing, how many fash-adjacent keyboards were smashed over the premier, given how popular Rick is among some of the more toxic men in the world.


I’ve enjoyed it enough to resub to television for a bit. My only disappointment is there isn’t more.

Also for a minute or so I wondered if they had set up the stream to personally mention the subscriber if possible during the private pooper episode…

I love how this episode makes at least twice in 5 episodes someone gets shit on for being a nazi.

Justin Roiland has a new series coming to Hulu called Solar Opposites…and it looks like he just copy-pasted this show.

Doesn’t he still owe adult swim like 70 episodes of Rick and/or Morty?

This show was in development before AS made that massive order.
Solar Opposites was pitched to Fox in 2015, then Hulu picked it up 3 years later.

Lone Rick and Cub