Recent Board Gaming


I’m surprised you still even had them. I too have been able to get rid of most of my old unwanted and unused stuff. Still got a pile of board games that is going to go soon if @Coldguy or someone else doesn’t take them first.

I have been cleaning house for reals, and it is great. Life is better with less stuff.


Yup, and they’re releasing a Kill Team box. I thought about holding onto a handful of Marines to play, but I figure if I ever really want to get into it, I can just buy a Kill Team later.

But like I said, I own Mobile Frame Zero, and it’s exactly the level of streamlined skirmish game I’m after, so that’ll be my focus. Also, since I can buy knockoff LEGO on AliExpress, it can be had for mad cheap.


Can I field LEGO Voltron in MF0? I think I will ask Josh.


I’ve always been more interested in painting 40k than actually playing it, especially the new Primaris models.

Kill Team seems like the choice for me as well, as I don’t really want to play an army-sized game for hours and hours. Give me a small squad/skirmish based game with some rpg progression and I’m sold.

Plus, because my interest is more towards the painting side of things, if I suddenly get the urge to paint up some Orks, I can just buy a five-man squad, paint them up, and then could use them for Kill Team. Same with any other faction. It seems like GW is finally starting to get the message and turn things around customer-service wise.


I am still down to cleaning those games out need to plan for when the best day for me to drive up is. Or when we meet at a mutual exchange location like a convention.


I legit 100% considered fielding the lions as 5 individual frames. Should be legit.



Whatever, we can still try.


We finished (and won) the first full campaign of the Akrham Horror LCG! It was a very good time.


I finally got around to playing the Arkham Horror LCG over the weekend with some friends. We only played the introductory scenario, but I loved it!

We also played Azul for the first time, which was simple, but fun, and this CCG that I had never heard of before called Lightseekers, which looks like a game for kids, but is surprisingly fun and deeper than expected. They also have an amazing online/app implementation where you can scan in any card you buy and use it to play on your phone.


Azul is nicely cut-throat and I am not yet excellent at it.

However, I do worry that I can break it down to a relatively simple modulus math problem and start to predict the winner…


Azul’s end-game bonuses for rows, columns, and 5-of-a-kind are appropriately weighted as to deter people from always taking the most obvious move. There are enough instances where someone will voluntarily accept some negative points in order to set up such long-term scoring. There’s also the pressure to complete rows in the short term as to not lock up your board.

It’s all-together just enough to prevent Azul from being a simple math problem. It very much helps if you can read the rest of the table and figure out whether they’re playing a long game or just trying to rack up the short term scores.


Anyone have any play experience with Yellow & Yangtze yet? SVWAG said it’s a lighter / more tactical / intro-y version of T&E, but I wonder if I’d be able to use that to rope more people into not being so intimidated by T&E.


We’ve played it once.

It’s not more tactical or easier in my opinion, and I suspect people who think this are missing the clear heuristic depth.



First game of Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition was a huge success. Four players in five hours with two having never played TI3. The streamlined player mats, tech tree, and not having to play cat and mouse with the TI3 Diplomacy card was fantastic. The only change I might make is to weed out some of the less interesting laws and directives to make the politics phase always have a strong punch. The huge, game changing ones like “everyone gets one vote and influence no longer matters” and “everyone steals the plans to the death star” are fantastic.


I’m not sure why everyone seemed to get into this half a year after it came out (myself included).

I enjoyed our first play - the political phase is great! TI4 just hit at the right time while I was hot on John Company and the Parliamentary phase (which serves more or less the same purpose). I really like the riders in TI4 - forcing other players to choose between their own best interests and keeping you from gaining too much from their vote.


Last week I came out on top in 1846. This week is the first time I’ve won 1889 - pay no attention to the fact that both games had a new player and went in weirdo directions as a result…


Got in some Junk Art, Concept, Monikers, America, and Clank! In! Space! this weekend. Had a great time playing them all. I continue to take far too many risks in Clank and got killed on the way out the door two spaces from the 20 point escape pod that would have easily secured victory.

We gave Brass: Birmingham a go but the owner was unfamiliar enough that I wouldn’t say it was a real game of brass. I’ll have to give it another try with the rules more internalized. If it takes nearly as long as it did again (4 hours) I probably won’t play it again.


Played Blood Bowl Team Manager tonight, a tactical deckbuilding card game by Fantasy Flight games with of course a Warhammer license. Unfortunately due to this License being taken back by Games Workshop the game is out of print and will never be printed again. However, it is also quite a bit of fun.

Each player represents a team and assigns players to various games. Each game can only have two participating players, except for a Cup game which is free-for-all. Whoever has the best players still alive at each game when each player has exhausted their cards gets bonuses in forms of additional players, as well as tactical abilities that are either specific to your team or from a general pool. However, what you are actually trying to collect over the course of the game is fans (victory points). The game also has a bit of randomness in dice rolling to decide whether tackles are successful, and the “cheating” mechanic where a player commits a foul play when they enter the field represented by a token with a hidden value which at the end of the match reveals whether you get a bonus or your player gets kicked out of the game and takes his values with him.

I played the Skaven deck which had a lot of risk-reward with the foul play tokens. This was also almost my undoing as at the last scoring round of the game where we decided who would win the Blood Bowl two of my players were kicked out of the game and a previous failed tackle. This meant I narrowly tied for the end of the game with the player who went into the last “week” of competition with the fewest fans. He didn’t try to win fans off the Blood Bowl (which was also his mistake because committing a single card to it would have given him two fans to win the game) but syphoned fans off the rest of the games in that week and made up a lot of points with the end-of-game rewards.

It was a fun game which I would like to add to my collection, but the prices on Amazon Market place and ebay spooked me quite a bit, where you easily pay 150€ if you want to have the base game and both expansions.