Recent Board Gaming


Most of my gaming this week was at Zenkaikon. It’s not a game convention, but anything can be a game convention if you bring games.

Love It: John Company
Like It: 3x Chicago Express, Feudum (new), 3x Paris Connection (new), Puerto Rico, 2x An Infamous Traffic (new), Zendo
Neutral: BEEEEES! (new), 3x Knot Dice (new), Nothing Personal

Earlier, on Wednesday, we enjoyed Feudum - or the first three turns of Feudum. It’s a big shaggy mess of a game crying out for a developer to simply remove half of it; I think there’s a game buried in there, and I’m looking forward to finding out how I feel once we’ve explored it (honestly something I’m looking forward to right now)

Compared to Feudum, Chicago Express and Paris Connection are minimalist - tiny sharp little games. I first played Chicago Express a year and a half ago, and it never left my head. I just picked up a copy and I’m really starting to enjoy it. Paris Connection is even simpler, but smart enough to actually work and give you a problem worth thinking about.

I also made a tiny js app to cut a couple minutes out of the setup time, to make playing many games in one sitting easier.

Knot Dice is a game component packaged with a book of game designs and some solo puzzles. We played a couple 2p abstracts and a push-your-luck game; they were fine. Judith and Natalie seemed to enjoy the co-op puzzle game at the front of the book.

Learning An Infamous Traffic was good, and we started getting into it in the second play. But then we played John Company, the highlight of my weekend for sure. The game came to life in a way I hadn’t seen before. Promise cubes changing hands multiple times a turn, a series of game-distorting laws (which all passed), and the most unreliable dice in the commonwealth. This might become a game that I only really get to play at conventions, because I just don’t have the perfect group for it at home.


Having played Infamous Traffic twice and John Company once, I now reaaaallly want to dive in and play them more, especially if we had a group of people who had all played before.


Feudum’s a first time design and it shows. From what I’ve seen it shares one of its biggest cool ideas with John Company. Over time the various players will gain control of various Guilds that form markets for resources. The point-generating actions that guilds perform will either pull goods from or give goods to other guilds. That’s enough to make a pretty interesting game on its own, but it looks like the designer wasn’t willing to hack away at bits of the game that don’t work.


Today I learned Azul.


Newly Acquired


Best board game experience I’ve ever had.


I’m actually playing this right now!

we played back in january and again just yesterday.

I think we may have broken it. By doing a thing I don’t wanna spoil, but simply put we’ve been winning, a lot.


Just wait…

Dun dun dunnnnn (/15 characters)


Katie and I got that a couple months ago as well, but haven’t gotten around to starting because she’s dealing with medical issues that make it so she can’t sit for long periods of time. But definitely excited to start it once we get a chance.


Recently bought Welcome to the Dungeon which is a fun little short game of chicken. The game has four different typical RPG classes, each with six pieces equipment. You take turns of drawing monster cards from a deck, then put them face down in a dungeon pile, or discard that card and removing a piece of equipment from the hero. Players may choose to quit the round before drawing a card. The last player to remain in the game has to take the hero into the dungeon. If they can defeat all the monsters they get a victory point. If they don’t you take a wound. You are knocked out of the game if you get two wounds. Last player standing or the first to two victory points wins.

We also played the first round of Pandemic Legacy. Thankfully we managed to win but it is already quite the stressful situation with managing outbreaks.

Yesterday I played two games. The first was another round of Flamme Rouge which I reviewed earlier. Still pretty decent and this time I won.

After that we played a game of Blood Rage, a game of warring Viking tribes which features miniatures, card drafting, death mechanics and other stuff I like. It was a lot of fun.

I tactically avoided most battles I didn’t want to be involved in and was basically crushing the game, but a stupid decision on my part cost me the game. In the second age I had an upgrade that let me repeatedly pillage villages. Instead of continuing this and farming the section of the board that directly gives me victory points (plus I had an upgrade on my leader that gave me permanent stat upgrades for pillaging) and complete a quest, I decided to march to a different region of the board and have my warriors die in Ragnarök for a slight increase in points on the round, though the last round was still remaining. This gave the only other player with still remaining actions the ability to kill all my warriors. I still got a bunch of points for a different quest, but I could have just kep that quest for the third round and completely dominated the game. In the end I lost to that same player by five points, score was 98-93. All the other players were under 66 points as two of them quarreled early in the second round and took each other out, and the last player didn’t start aiming for victory points and focused on stats upgrades first.

Edit: Oh yeah, and with regard to a post earlier in the year, I introduced King of Tokyo to my niece and nephew and they like it a lot, asking me to play it with them whenever I am at their place.


I introduced the family to Deep Sea Adventure, Kingdomino, and Azul. Good times!


Love: The 7th Continent, Kingdom Builder, Tigris & Euphrates, 5x Mottainai: Wutai Mountain (new expansion), Isle of Skye: Journeyman (new expansion), Keyflower
Like: Locomotive Werks (new), 3x Cities, Feudum (new), Gloomhaven
Neutral: Scythe

Locomotive Werks is an interesting game - it’s not hard to optimize your income every turn, but it won’t steer you to victory by itself. This is somewhat true in Power Grid, but especially true in Locomotive Werks.

Feudum is wild - I might like it a lot if it pays off the promise of the first game.

We played games after work on Thursday, and one of the new people was really excited to play their new copy of Scythe. I offered to sit in and teach, but I would have rather been in the game of Settlers of Catan on the other side of the room. Playing Scythe with new players looked like I was running up the scoreboard even though I was just trying to drive the game to a conclusion after 2 hours.

Mottainai: Wutai Mountain is a good expansion. Isle of Skye: Journeyman is a surprisingly good expansion.

I also wound up with a second copy of Pax Porfiraina, even though I got rid of my first copy in 2016. I think my preferences have changed enough to earn a second evaluation.


At PAX West, we should try to plan on playing

John Company
Quartermaster General (no Scotts allowed)
Multiple Tigris & Euphrates games


Y does nobody want to play modded QMG?

Also, is YY, the hex T&E going to be out by then?


Y&Y is coming in July for people who preordered it. I have not preordered it, though.


Can I preorder it?



Do I want Circus Flohcati?


Probably because you’re still banned from any form of QMG.


So you liked Wutai Mountain? We played the print-and-play edition, and I dunno, we found it clunky and bloaty. Did they change it for the full release?