Recent Board Gaming


It was a fun weekend with fun games and people.


Man, more SticheIn happened and I did not get a chance to clear my name for horrible tired play


Such is the curse of the 7th Guest.


We avoided the problem by playing Sticheln at the 11th hour.



1x Koryŏ
1x Fabled Fruit
1x Abraca… what?
1x Whistle Stop
3x Dead Drop (new)
1x Spirit Island
1x Indulgence (new)
1x Stop Thief! (new)
1x Portão para o mundo, Lisboa
1x Lisboa (new)

Back to a normal week after PAX.

Two straight days of three-player games, actually. Anthony, myself, and @Coldguy played Koryŏ, Abraca… what?, and Whistle Stop. Then Coldguy tagged out with @Whistle, who taught us Dead Drop and learned Spirit Island, which makes it the fifth straight week we’ve played Spirit Island.

After Indulgence and Stop Thief! on Saturday, I have played all of Restoration Games’ initial batch, and the experience has been so positive I might need to try Fireball Island. :stuck_out_tongue:

Since we had a new copy of Lisboa (Anthony’s purchase - he’s the reason I gave Lacerda a second chance after Kanban), I insisted on a Lisbon theme night with Portão para o mundo, Lisboa.

My memory of Kanban is frequently getting blocked and getting in people’s way. The interaction in both The Gallerist and Lisboa is closer to my taste.


No chill.

  • Biblios — This game has two phases: picking cards and then auctioning cards that were picked for the auction. Didn’t super grab me.
  • Splendor — Played my second game ever.
  • Wind the Film — Introduced some friends to this. Also, first time playing with all the rules correctly.


How did you like This War of Mine? The video game is fantastic, but I can’t help feeling that the board game must be really unwieldy. I haven’t played, though, only looked through the rules a bit.


Everything is pretty intuitive, really. A lot of people have been giving the rules shit, but they work very well for how you are supposed to play the game.


Good to hear, makes me eager to try out.


Closest game of Between of Cities I’ve played, but won with 56.


Have you tried the Capitals expansion yet? I love it and think it makes the game even better.


The past two weeks have been weird - there was a death in the family (I have a good support network that I have been SUPER thankful for) and I played a hell of a lot of games with close friends this week to take my mind off of it for a bit. It’s honestly exactly what I needed.

Saint Petersburg
Bohnanza: the Duel
7x Codenames Duet
2x Arkham Horror: The Card Game
4x Spirit Island
Abraca… what?
A Brief History of the World
Chariot Race
4x Too Many Cinderellas
2x Lisboa
2x La Granja (new)
2x Koryo
2x Tinners’ Trail (new)
Pandemic: The Cure
Wasteland Express Delivery Service (new)

Spirit Island helped the most, because it does such a good job of balancing “watch your friends do cool shit” with some necessary coordination. I have played 11 times since August, which is probably enough to have opinions about my favorite spirits: Serpent Slumbering Beneath the Island, Keeper of the Forbidden Wilds, River Surges in Sunlight, and Thunderspeaker.

Arkham Horror: The Card Game also took my mind off of things. We’re only missing co-op Mage Knight to complete the trilogy.

Wasteland Express Delivery Service was Anthony’s birthday gift. The game is fine, but the production is weird enough to be annoying. I don’t complain about tiny text that often (Ora et Labora and Steampunk Rally have tiny icons and text and they’re fine), but Wasteland Express Delivery Service fills 80% of its contract cards with flavor text, and the remaining 20% of the card describes the mission, and nearly every public contract has special rules that are not indicated on the card.

Strategy-wise, I’m pretty sure we’re collectively undervaluing +1 speed as an upgrade. Upgrading speed is the most obvious thing to do in, say, Empire Builder, and the guy who starts with +1 speed has won 2/2 games. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve really been asking to play more heavy/thinky euros this month. Lisboa has been great with 2, 3, and 4 players. Tinners’ Trail left a weird first impression, and we decided to play it a second time performing the investment phase more or less simultaneously, and it worked fine.

Oh, and now I have a trio of Spielworxx/Quined/Capstone games sitting on the dining room table, La Granja, Haspelknecht, and The Ruhr. I’m hoping to play Haspelknecht and The Ruhr this week.


We have it but haven’t tried it yet. The game we played was with people who never played it.


Our old review of King of Tokyo.

I didn’t re-listen to it, but skimming we appear to talk primarily about Yahtzee and how this is literally just Yahtzee plus attacking.


First time playing these.

  • Mottainai — Seems like a lot to grasp at once. I didn’t win, but I did manage to trade my empty hand for a dozen cards and draw up to eighteen and discard only one to keep them rather than discard down to five at the start of my next turn.
  • Innovation — Played half a game. Sure, I’d play again.


Anybody have a second suggestion for a halloween-ish board game besides Betrayal at House on the Hill?


How invested are you in the board? Dread is perfect, but it’s a tabletop RPG.

Do you want actually unnerving, or just Halloween-themed? Is harvest/autumn themed enough? Because if it is, hit up that Agricola.


Ticket to Ride with the expansion pack that just switches the trains out for pumpkin trains.

This is a real thing.


Still better than Carcassonne Catapult.