Really Fast Aeroplanes!

I think the US needs to pause the whole discussion around whether the rest of the world that relies on our military might should pay more for the privilege.

Right now, the industrialized world relies on us, and for better or worse we are responsible for that level of stabilizing military power. I don’t want to change the status quo until after we defeat fascism in our own country.


You got a a partial chicken and egg situation. Cutting military expenditures could very well pay for some quality education, free college for everyone?, that would go a long way towards eliminating domestic fascism.

Also, if the country is headed in a bad direction, probably better for it to have less military might, not more.

Anyway, what I was saying. Some of those countries have mandatory conscription Finland, South Korea. Let them send us pilots.

Or we could just raise taxes on the wealthy. That would cover everything.

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Why not both? Aim high. Instead of just free education and health care for everyone, we could go above and beyond. Free transportation for everyone. Free food for everyone. Free Internet for everyone.

The only things I fear more than US military hegemony is non-US military hegemony or multi-state military parity.


Don’t ya think we could manage to achieve US military hegemony while simultaneously cutting military spending, or at least halting it?

Like I’ve heard the story that we produce tanks the military doesn’t want (though admittedly I don’t have a source for it)

And I’ve also heard the story that as of 2015 we literally can’t even show what we spent 21 trillion dollars on. Here’s thetl:dr

I feel like if we don’t know what that shit was, then it must not be that important. New directive. If you can’t report it, next year, after the congressional budget is assigned it’s slashed by the amount you couldn’t report last year.

Even if it’s all classified whatever nonsense, it should be something we can disclose how much it cost and within reason where the money went, even if it’s like just what state or country it went to.

Well we do have a lot of… problems… with our public/private partnerships in the military and expenses. It’s also a jobs program and a place where some people get training for civilian jobs. It’s just a very complicated very intertwined almost inbred system at this point. Can we spend less, absolutely, but it’s a harder question than healthcare and cutting it would be even less popular… so it’s a fight.

My proposition is only a cut inasfar as they can get their own reporting under control. I’m currently dealing with a SOC2 audit at work and the amount of nonsense I’m having to prove we report/build so that we now report it is staggering.

We don’t do anything anywhere near as important as the military.

Reporting and inventory is a huge problem in the US Military. As an example, I have a friend who was in the reserves in the mid-late 00’s. He was a supply clerk and they got tasked with inventory in their armory. The armory had been around since the 1920s. They found a M1919 machine gun in a crate packed in grease. It was original, brand new, probably never fired. The M1919 model had been phased out of even reserve and backline duty for decades, and no one had any idea it was there. And from what I’ve read this is not uncommon. Grease guns, WWII to Vietnam era grenades, machine guns, pallets of .30-06 ammunition that goes to no weapon in current inventory, I’ve even heard of airdrop bombs in storage with no records.

If they don’t even know they have it, how would they know if it went missing and someone made some mischief? Not good.

This is almost an unrelated but still quite serious issue.

The report I outlined above shows that we spend ~1.7 billion in 2015 more than our sheets of things we bought say we spent (we know this 'cause the money is missing)

So we’re just spending money on who knows what? It’s just going missing for some reason. And not like little money, big money.

They wouldn’t. A lot of this is luckily in secure facilities and guarded, they know there is stuff in storage but only vaguely know what’s there but the likelihood of some random stealing from it is low. But National Guard and Reserve armories, at least as my friend told it, are often not as secure and the records worse. Like the local Guard armory is a supply unit, so few weapons, but the fence is only 6 feet high and there’s not always someone there. Military vehicles don’t have keys or locks, they’re all button start. It would be trivial to steal a Humvee or truck from the parking lot.

I know where the major armories in NYC are, but it’s not so easy to get into the actual weapon storage. It would have to be a zombie scenario.

There are so many easy sources of non military hardware, and anything military is so conspicuous… I don’t think we have to worry much about some bad guys sneaking in and stealing M1919 crates. The heat that might come down would be huge. Meanwhile rob some guy’s stash of commercial dime-a-dozen Glocks or AR15s and you’re not standing out and you aren’t potentially getting the full 5 Star wanted level.

Of course some Natl Guardsperson pulling a few lost and forgotten rifles out of a crate in a basement and pawning them off to someone else, I could maybe see that.


This whole conversation is the plot of Peaky Blinders season one.

Small-time mob in Interwar Britain expects to steal blah, but accidentally steals a shitload of machine guns from the military.


It’s a good show.


That’s what it’s about? I’ve heard folks say good things about it but I haven’t heard anything about the plot. I thought it was either a comedy or another weird Black Mirror type show from the title. I’ll have to check it out.

Peaky Blinders is a fairly serious, but fun, gangster family show. But it’s a gang of British WWI vets and all the various women in their lives taking up roles for themselves. Real fun show.

As for pilot shortage, its going to take airlines and militaries being more willing to grab raw recruits and laying a clear pathway to success for them, and if they do it right they’ll get pilots.

For the military that’s going to take breaking the officers only club of piloting and going back to enlisted pilots or at the very least warrant officers.

The main character is a super hot gangster with steely blue eyes.

He’s the bad boy you shouldn’t want to be involved with, but get involved with anyway.

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Really good story from an Intruder pilot