Random Questions


Ah - yeah. Linkely my fault.
I updated some details on that site a day or so ago, yet forgot that Linkedin spreads its insidious tendrils across all of your contacts if you are not careful. I apologies for any internet transmitted diseases…


Is there anyone on the forum who would be willing to beta-read a novel? I’m working on something, it’s easier to put forward the energy to write when I know there’s going to be someone looking at what I’m doing, providing feedback and engagement.

My current novel is a soft-sci-fi set in the middle future with giant robots and nanotech.


Is it considered gauche to bail on a job you had for three weeks if you get a better offer from somewhere else? I was still poking around a bit for jobs since this gig is temporary and I got a bite I wasn’t expecting that might be much much better. I just don’t want to have an employer be like, “Yeah that guy just flaked on us,” if someone calls for an employment check or something further ahead in my career.


I am more than happy to give it a read through if you want. Not sure what time frame you want for feed back but I’m happy to help out. Need to get some more experience in that area.


Depends on the turnover rate. in my experience at least. In manufacturing short tenures are not rare. At my old job many people left after short amounts of time. The shortest tenure that I witnessed personally was three weeks! Some temporary workers lasted even less time. A company like that will not give a reference of any value anyway. For a temporary job I would also expect short tenures (due to either party deciding to end the contract/quit) to be honest.


if it’s temp. Bail every time something not temp comes along. Unashamedly.


An odd request, but I’m making a quiz to submit to a web show. The quiz is about real or fictional flags (as in flags from fictional universes). Do you guys have any suggestions for fictional flags, particularly from anime?


The Flag of Britannia from Code Geass
Kamina’s Flag from Gurren Lagann
Every flag ever from One Piece


Flag of Britannia is a good suggestion. The others kind of not. Kamina’s flag is too obviously made up, and most flags in One Piece feature skulls and crossbones which are kind of hard to believe to be flags of government bodies or other proper entities from the real life. I considered using the flag of the World Government in One Piece, but unfortunately it says “World GOVT.” on the bottom of it.

What I am looking for are fake flags that appear to be real, and real ones that seem fake. Though another one I am sure to include is the Flag of Zeon.


I saw that bit on LRR live. It’s a good bit.

Earth alliance flag from Gundam seed.

Also, flag of Wales for real flags


Candidates for Real Flags
Flag of Wales
Flag of Amsterdam
Flag of River Gee County
Flag of Fukuoka
The old Flag of Pocatello, Idaho
Flag of Kiribati


Cagliostro from The Castle of Cagliostro had it’s own flag but google is addling my memory with some fake ones that fans have made.


I know you didn’t ask but ya want a real flag that looks made up. Check out the flag of Sicily

Fun history because that’s my flag, in some sense. The 3 legs symbolize the 3 corners of the (roughly) triangular island. Medusa is because that’s where she supposedly was when she was killed. We’re proud of our mythological tales.

Also there’s shit tonnes of fictional flags out there. The flag of the Republic of Gilead from handmaids tale. There was a fake African country in Coming to America with it’s own flag

There are lists of these things. I found one here and another here. There are plenty others, Take a look in the vexillology subreddit for some plausibly real, but fake flags. They do a load of like… flag mashups and what if this country conquered that country flags there.


Can Japanese Twitter get more meaning into each tweet since each character can represent a word?


One character can, but does not often represent a word in Japanese. I’d wager that Japanese is actually less information dense than, say English.


That’s surprising to me, knowing nothing about Japanese. It looks so dense relative to the English alphabet, is it really redundant?


Written density and spoken density are not the same.

For example:
I like fish (3 syllables, 9 characters)
私は魚が好き (10 syllables, 6 characters)

For Lizzy’s original question - on Twitter, probably; when spoken aloud, probably not.


Oh, sure. I think I remember reading a study saying the average spoken-information-per-second is pretty consistent across languages.


If anything I’d wager Taiwanese Twitter should be pretty close to the most efficient use of a tweet.

But I’d also wager that typing it out should take longer than the equivalent information transmission via multiple tweets in English.



But most japanese speakers would simply write “魚が好き” as them talking about themselves in implied, cutting out two characters and 4 syllables.