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Can someone explain to me how a band playing Israel is approving of their occupation of Gaza but playing the US isn’t approving of the occupation of Afghanistan (or other things)?


Android is likely ComicRack.


Think of it like this. If Bill Joel performs at MSG. Again. For the zillionth time. That’s just another night on the town. The show’s existence in and of itself sends absolutely no message whatsoever other than that middle age people are still willing to pay to see it, Billy’s still got it, MSG likes making money, and their relationship is still good.

Now imagine Billy Joel performs that same show at a high school auditorium in… Flint Michigan. That sends a message. Even if he doesn’t explicitly say anything about lead in the water or any of the other issues plaguing the area, a big fish intentionally going out of their way to visit a small pond makes a big splash and kicks out all the water.

The US is big. Israel is tiny. If you are a big fish and you go out of your way to perform in the tiny pond of Israel, that sends a message in the same way.

Now, despite being an anti-zionist atheist jew, I don’t think absolutely nobody should ever perform in Israel, even if they are big enough that it sends a message. I just think you have to do it in a classy way that sends the right message. See also: Beatles perform in USSR.


Also it depends a lot on who you are going to perform for. An example that comes to mind was me publishing a juggling video from the Israeli Juggling Convention, and one of the first comments was anti-Zionist and calling me out for promoting Israel or similar. I replied with something like “Let’s not make juggling events political, as the people who go to juggling conventions probably aren’t the type of people who you think would be shooting Palestinians.” And they commented again with “Good point”.

As it happened, the first time I visited the Israeli Juggling Convention, I got a lift there from Tel Aviv with a guy who had been pepper sprayed for standing in front of Israeli tanks just the week before.

It really does depend on who you are, what you do, and who you are doing it for.

Going to a juggling convention to hang out with friends? I’d say that’s cool. Appearing in a national football match? I’m with Messi.

Edit: looked up the Messi quote and the whole situation, and that might not have been the best example.


I totally get that for one off shows, but you’re touring Eastern Europe and conclude with a show in Tel Aviv I don’t think that’s sponsoring Israel’s policies anymore than opening the tour in Moscow is sponsoring Russia’s. Israel is a country of 8.5 million people so I don’t think it’s so small a pond that one show is sending more of a message than the Rolling Stones playing five tours of the US during Vietnam.


Depends on the circumstances.


Why is Sailor Moon specifically so common on album art on Bandcamp electronic music?


Cus it’s got the boom anime babes that make make me think the wrong thing?

My guess is the Electronic -> Cyberpunk -> Japan -> Anime chain.


No, I get why there’s so many anime girls, but Sailor Moon is waaaay more common than any others.


I mean, I’m not anime girls expert, but I’m reasonably sure Sailor Moon either one of the biggest or even maybe the biggest anime girl in all of anime girldom. Hatsune Miku, maybe is on the level?


I think it’s because the original Sailor Moon so clearly invokes a certain period of time in people’s minds, and yet is instantly recognizable for who she is, where you might not know who Akane Tendo is if you didn’t watch Ranma


This is probably it, pretty-much everyone can recognize dem Sailors and their Moons, and even someone like me who’s never actually watched much of any of it, has a pretty good awareness of it and that time.

But, there’s also an aesthetic to it that means people do use them over, say, Thundercats.


To the Aussies in here, are one of you a geologist? Got a linked in request from one in AUS and I swear none of you did that as a living…


I’m not, Cheese isn’t, sk0pe isn’t, but I’m pretty sure one of the old forum AU crew is. I’ll see if I can get a hold of him.


Can you settle an argument Gimli and I have been having for months now. Is it ok to sleep in a bra or not? I was always told that its not so good as the body needs to breath. She counters with that it helps for support. Is there a right or wrong answer or is this a personal preference thing?


Looking over everything I could find, it seems like it’s just a preference thing. Definitely more support while it’s on, which might be more comfortable for some people with larger breasts, though it won’t prevent sagging or any other long-term changes. There are some mild risks to wearing one in the summer months, but only of a bit of chafing, maybe a mild rash at worst, and none of the current research indicates any evidence for any of the rumored side-effects like breast cancer or any of that.

The only consistent recommendations were to try and go for cotton or a similar breathable fabric for the sake of comfort, to maybe avoid underwire because it can be uncomfortable if you roll over on it wrong but really that’s up to the person, and as always, wear a properly fitting bra.

Of course, I’m just relating information from other people so there’s some interpretation on my part there. Also, I don’t wear a bra when I’m sleeping and only rarely these days when I’m not, and of course, I’m a dude who does not and has never at any point had boobs, so take all advice on that front with a grain of salt. Except for the part about wearing a comfortable and properly fitting bra, you can take that as fucking gospel.


Thought it would boil down to that really. In the end I don’t have boobs so what do I know about them.


Let’s say an artist was screwed over by a record label in the 70s and 80s and lost control over their recordings from those years. Those albums are still commercially available, but the artist doesn’t get any money if you buy them now. Is there a moral difference between buying the albums from the label that screwed the artist over and pirating the albums?


I don’t think there is fwiw. Unless there is such a time that the artist and the label make good and they get back pay for all that time. Then and only then would it be morally different. Full disclosure, I have little respect for the work record labels do.


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