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So what you do is make sure you have holes in the PCBs. Just like your PC motherboard has holes. Then you just attach them to a plate with screws and risers. Just like your PC motherboard.


Now that I’m thinking about it I want to build something like this:

It’s basically just some aluminum rails and thumb screws. Ideally the horizontal parts that actually touch the boards would be non-conductive and they need to have a little groove for the board to rest in. You could just buy one but I’m not paying $200+ for what is maybe $30 worth of rails and screws.


Yeah, I’m looking for the plate.

@Burritoad I was thinking rails as well. Is there a phrase to google for that?


Get a flat piece of metal, like aluminum. Measure and drill holes in it. Put motherboard risers into the holes.


if you want a prebuilt thing something like “adjustable pcb fixture”. If you want to DIY it there’s lots of aluminum rail standards. I don’t know what tools you have access to but it’s easily cut with a hacksaw if you can’t find the size you want.

I use 2020 (20x20mm) extrusion for other things and already have related hardware so that’s what I would use but there are probably other standards that are better suited. You can get M3 T-nuts which can ride in the slot and should accept some standard computer case standoffs as well.


I’m actually kind of surprised someone doesn’t make a plastic-clad version, or even just a straight injection molded one. I mean, I can’t see much detail, but it looks pretty trivial to make.


What if you just got sticks that were full of holes. Then you can just arrange the sticks into any arbitrary hatchwork. An actual toy erector set might even do the trick.


Get a piece of plywood?


I think they’re primarily sold as rework stations and the like, so they need to be heat tolerant and realistically most people aren’t actually powering the boards up in them. Surely someone would have a want for plastic versions of 2020 though.

I was thinking I would just route a V groove into some HDPE strips or whatever. Maybe I’ll have something to post in the making things thread soon.


I was thinking maybe a piece of foam board. Just push in standoffs or other stuff wherever I need.


You could always make it out of some of the polyimide plastics, like Vespel. It’ll push the price up a bit, but it’ll take heat up to 300 degrees without experiencing any change to mechanical properties, and is completely non-conductive. Solder, by comparison, is liquid at about 190 degrees.

As for routing a V-groove - you can get keying bits for a router, you could run a dead straight channel for a more positive hold. You can even get T-slot cutters.


Maybe a wire-wrap board is what you’d need? There are all sorts of standoffs and other parts for it:





Does anyone know any pro graphic designers looking for work who would be a good fit to rebrand GeekNights?

We’re talking new logo, new web site, graphics to use on YouTube, graphics to use on social media sites, business cards, etc.


I might know someone, I’ll ask her if she’s up for it.


Why lose the old stuff? You could edit the existing ones:


Why is it so hard for google to tell me if the Sony Xperia XZ2 will work on the t-mobile network? Is there a term I am not using in the search string to find a website that will say a simple yes or no?

Update: I needed to add pre order to get the answer, gheeze


Where do you buy your MP3s? I’ve been using Amazon for years but I’m sick of giving Jeff Bezos my money, and not everything’s on Bandcamp.


I don’t buy mp3s. I use Spotify. Apple Music isn’t bad either.


I like to support some artists tho.


EDIT: I’m a dope. I thought TuneCore was a streaming service. My bad.