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You are harming society with your car even if you do it safely and never hit anyone. Your enjoyment doesn’t justify the harm you cause to the rest of us. Why should I have to breath in poisonous and get lung cancer because you enjoy driving?

Enjoyment alone justifies nothing.


I never said it had to be a fossil fuel car, electric is fine.


Was going to put this on Thing of my day but still.


I’m going to be honest. I sympathize with you. You enjoy driving your car. For whatever faults there may be, you enjoy it and I sympathize.

I sympathize also with the last guy who didn’t want to give up his horse as his primary means of transport.

I imagine there will always be somewhere you can drive your car on the street. Much like how I know for a fact you can find horses in the street in parts of Pennsylvania. I just think you’ll eventually be a part of a ever shrinking minority, until the future is just modern and people like me but in the future make this comment about the last guy who wanted to drive a car as his primary means of transport.



So, in America at least, barely at all if at all?


As far as I know 1911s are not super hard to get, and likely a pretty appealing gun as it’s so commonly featured in media.

I would imagine ownership is relatively high in the states. If it’s not, then I’m pretty impressed.


It is. It’s practically the most commonly owned pistol in the United States. Well, there is some argument as to what constitutes a “true” 1911, but I’m speaking in the sense of 1911s and all the clones and only fractionally different variants. Though Glocks and Sigs are catching up, they’ve still got some ground to cover to get there, and with the cheaper variants of 1911, they don’t really have the advantage of a price difference to help them. Plus, unlike Glocks and Sigs, the 1911 comes in tons of different styles and variants, for basically every price point and desire, from $4-500 basic models, all the way through to fancy-as-fuck $1500-2000 high-end models that come set up out of the box with lifetime guarantees.

And honestly, it’s kind of understandable. They’re simple, reliable, comfortable to shoot, reasonably accurate. both parts and ammo are relatively cheap and trivially available, and for the folk who carry day-to-day, despite being a full-sized pistol, they’re slim enough to easily carry concealed.


This is why a lot of times it’s referred to as a 1911 pattern or action. Same basic mechanism but different features for accuracy, safety, reliability, caliber, etc…


True. For the sake of clarity, when I say “Most popular”, I’m talking about reasonably close clones(for example, like the AMT hardballer, which is pretty much identical), no major changes from the 1911 design, and in .45 caliber.


Yeah being honest 1911 owners are more stigmatized by striker-fired fans than anyone trying to tighten gun control.


They do call it fuddy-five for a reason.


Don’t expect me to argue, I’m a Hi-Power guy through and through.


You are a man of taste and refinement sir.


Is there a way to mount PCBs to a board in a temporary fashion? Like an optical breadboard, but for circuit boards:

Googling “PCB breadboard” gets me regular breadboards. I want a thing I can put some standoffs in arbitrary-ish positions to hold RPi/Arduino sized components in place. Is that a thing?


I haven’t seen anything like that for small boards but I could definitely see the utility of it. I end up with a bunch of lightweight boards strung together semi regularly and occasionally drag them off the bench by a power or network cable. There are systems for larger things (like laptop motherboards) which are basically standoffs in T slot aluminum rails mounted on more rails.

I use a stickvise sometimes but it only holds one thing and that would be pricey if you need several. Maybe some kind of thing with PCB fixture clips on aluminum slots? You could make dedicated fixtures for common boards assuming you use the same stuff a lot.


What’s wrong with regular old breadboards? You know, this kind?


I can’t screw in standoffs to attach e.g. a raspberry pi?


I think he means more like a mounting system for whole PCBs, rather than components - sticking a bunch of PCBs together temporarily, rather than discreet components.


That’s a bingo.