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I had considered an AR-15 (I’m in KY, I’ve seen car ads saying they’ll give you a complimentary AR with purchase) and put wood furniture on it.

Or I could rock a Brown Bess and stick a holographic sight on it.

Split the difference, Lee Entfield.

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Martini-Henry with an AFG and a 3x Prism scope and a suppressor.

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What should I do for my 30th birthday?

What are you into?

Not as a suggestion, I mean, need more information. Be a bit shit if, say, you were teetotal, and we suggested a tequila tasting.

I may need to limit my alcohol intake till I can get my kidneys sorted out, but tastings aren’t a terrible idea. I like gun simulators (laser tag, paintball, etc.), gaming (both digital and TT), thrills to a certain extent, touring historic sites, and museums. Any unique experience to make memories is ideal honestly, I’d like to spend time with my small group of friends.

Hm. Well, off the back of that, a few good starting points to investigate or customize at your leisure - A Road Trip, doing a history tour in the day, grabbing some diner, and then doing a ghost tour of the same spot at night, a resturant crawl(Like a pub crawl, but you eat a bit in each place, rather than drink), a Degustation evening(Sort of like a wine tasting, but for food and high culinary art) skydiving is a blast, Maybe some sort of local airsoft day experience, of course a vineyard, brewery, or distillery trip.

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Talking of skydiving, how about indoor skydiving? I’ve been twice, once to have a go myself, and once to watch my girlfriend have a go, and both times it was a blast! Prices start at about €40, and that includes two sessions in the tunnel, plus coaching and prep, so about an hour of activity in total.

I’m not sure how common these are, or if there are any close to where you live. There are three in Berlin though, so I’m guessing not too uncommon.


Try a 30 year-old port wine?

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Any non recommendations for using Better Help? I have been thinking about talking to someone about some issues as of late and wanted to know if they are a good place to go.

So you want us not to recommend?

No no, I was thinking of using the services wanted to ask if anyone had anything negative to say about them.

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De-commendation request:
Is folding@home a waste of time and electricity or is it legit?

Depends how you define legit, but it’s definitely producing useful work with the computing power thrown at it, a lot of research has benefited, and a lot of papers have been written.

Edit - In fact, they even have a page that lists all the peer-reviewed papers they’ve helped out with.


To build off Churba’s comment, it is also worth considering the difference in most home-gaming setups and those used by your typical lab.

Context: I used to work on a team that supported all of a university’s computer systems at a major research university.

Outside of top-of-field-researcher-labs, most of them use pretty dated systems. If they can crowd source high-end GPU processing (or even typical gamer CPUs), that can be a huge benefit in aggregate.


Oh yeah, for sure, can’t be many labs out there grabbing things like 3970X threadrippers or 2080 supers/Titan Vs to throw in computers just to fold some proteins, let alone more than one. Meanwhile, there’s plenty of people out there buying shit like that just to play some games and/or flex on people. Might as well take advantage.


Using the quarantine time to teach myself Linux, found a course that is doing a good job at explaining things as a starting point. Is there a good quick reference I could use for all the terminal commands that anyone can recommend?


So there’s no be all end all resource for terminal commands short of man pages. A common tactic I used often was googling “thing I’m trying to use cheatsheet” That really helped with things like screen and vim in the beginning.

I also really like Julia Evans’ works. They’re not quite exactly what you asked for but they are easy to digest ways to better understand fundamental concepts of computing.

Here’s a brief overview of signals for instance:


@Churba @ryan

Thanks for the replies.
My laptop is doing the thing, now.

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