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alright, so I’m doing some deep fucking spring cleaning of my apartment and replacing my college things with lots of Ikea furniture. Long story short I’ve got almost my entire volume in cardboard and the landlady is sending out complaints that the dumpster is being overfilled too often. What are some good projects that consume a shitload of cardboard?

Find a different dumpster, perhaps at work. Find a bulk recycler.

This is a temporary problem, right?

Yeah, no more deliveries after tomorrow. I love making cardboard crafts so it feels like such a shame to throw away so much stock.

Cat obstacle course?


Question to the NY residents. Can you still drive over the Tappen Zee Bridge or is it no longer in existence? The Internet is not giving me an answer.

It was destroyed and replaced with a new vastly superior bridge. The new bridge is officially called the Mario Cuomo Bridge, but people who know better call it the Tappan Zee Bridge.

Tappan Zee Two is an improvement, but navigating the construction areas sometimes felt a bit fraught. Seems like that phase is over with now tho, I hope. I used to be pretty nonchalant about stuff but after having to basically drive myself out of a barrier collision on the GWB years ago, I am a bit extra paranoid about all the NY bridges.

(The crash I had, some large truck van thing merged into my lane while slamming on brakes as we came up against a wall of backed up traffic. Me in my small sedan, in the left lane in the middle of the bridge, being somewhat young and tired from a 5 hour drive up from Maryland, my attempts to brake and not be run over had me start to fishtail left and sent me bouncing off the central barrier doing about 30, shattering most of my front bumper and jamming various parts into various other parts of the wheel well and other areas. But I regained control and was able to essentially drive off the bridge and thru traffic and eventually work over to an area I could get to an off ramp. But it was after 20 minutes and my car was still rolling, no one seemed to stop me, so I basically took some kind of shirt from my luggage bag, used it to tie the remaining chunk of bumper to the frame, threw the easily removable chunks of plastic that had been dragging along on the ground looking like giant beef jerkey into the back seat, and got back on the road with the intent of getting far the fuck away. Drove that car another 4-5 years. But it definitely changed how I approach driving in NYC)

Is it in the same place? Wasn’t TZ1 built there specifically because it was the worst possible location or something?

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The new Tappan Zee Bridge was built pretty much right next to the old one.

The reason why it was built there is because that’s the closest they could get to NYC without being in the 100 mile (?) radius controlled by the Port Authority. This way, NYS gets the revenue generated by the TZB as opposed to the PA.


My approach to driving in the city is avoid doing so at almost all costs. I feel sorry for those who can’t avoid it.

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America is so fucked up.


It totally is, but it also makes complete sense from a financial sense. The Port Authority isn’t paying for the TZB, New York State is. So in NY’s mind, why should they share the revenue with the PA?

As a result, you end up with a bridge that’s in a stupid location from a geographical sense, but is in a great location from a political and financial sense.

TLDR /15 characters of this is politics

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Even worse, the bridge needs to be up there, but we need another bridge further south that we can’t get built.

We also need that new tunnel to NJ.

And the subway that (finally) connects NJ to New York via said tunnel.

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You guys don’t need to explain. I know the reasons. I’m just tossing in my long range comments from a continent that IS OKAY WITH REDRAWING POLITICAL BOUNDARIES for reasons other than JERRYMANDERING VOTING DISTRICTS.


Well played Europe…

Ooh is this like nation-state mad-libs?

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I will say I do like the TZB being so far from the city because it means you can pretty much completely avoid the city when trying to go southwestbound from CT/RI. Otherwise it would involve going even further up to like Poughkeepsie or something and that’s getting ridiculous. But being able to avoid the NYC portion of 95 is a blessing.

Yes, if it was somewhat closer to the city I guess that would be somewhat better. But either way the extra time spent going up to that area and just yeeting all the way the fuck around the whole city is essentially nominal in the grand scheme of a trip.

When I’m going southbound from CT to the rest of the country, I either have to plan to go GWB between the hours of 10pm and 5am, or I “Tap on ze bridge!”

TZB used to be my go to when driving to Vermont from philly for exactly that reason.

Is NYC currently experiencing an angel attack?