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The project I was working on doing document review and claims processing for a drug liability settlement has wound down and they are reassigning folks to other projects. Instead of being assigned to the new settlement project, I was assigned to help with QC for the firm’s document control and electronic discovery platform. I don’t want to do it, it’s just bug testing and after two training sessions I know I would want to jump out a window in two weeks. What do I do? How do I approach this?


Just go to the person who made this decision and tell them.


Literally, right after I posted I said to myself what the fuck are you asking people on the internet for like a kid ya fucking bum? and went to my new boss. They were chill and understood where I was coming from and are going to see what they can do.


Honestly my biggest problem with the rebuild movies is that they change way too much important character development stuff for the sake of time.

Spoilers for NGE

Misato already knows all about Lilith hanging out in the basement by the time they shoot the sniper rifle.


Will extending article 50 mean that we can still use Google+ until we actually leave?


If you combined the power of all the refrigerator magnets on earth, how strong would it be?


It depends. Are we simply gathering them all in one spot, or are we talking about the additive power of all thsoe magnetic fields combined into one super-magnet?


The second will probably be more powerful, but the former will probably be more interesting and hilarious. I imagine an entire landfill of nothing but weak magnets.


For that, I imagine not much more than a few times one fridge magnet. The fields would add up, but they’d be too spread out to constructively add up after a point, I imagine.


Not much will happen, as the flux density will remain the same. If you take a single fridge magnet and supercool it, the magnetic strength may increase.

Or if you take all the refrigerator magnets, then take every single bit of copper there was on the planet, form a very dense coil, ask Zeus to throw the slug of refrigerator magnets through that, you might generate a large enough electric current to charge an iPhone.


Hmm. What if we went in space with a giant copper coil. A BIG one. Space big. Put that shit in orbit. Then put a giant powerful magnet in orbit also. The magnet occasionally goes through the coil and generates some juice. It can’t last forever, due to the laws of nature, but with such low friction in space it might generate a good amount before it stops.


I’m pretty far from an expert here, but from what I know about the stuxnet cyber attack PoCs against physical infrastructure whatever load you put on that power generation would serve as the resistance.

So like, assuming you weren’t powering anything with your orbital contraption, it would run for almost ever with any energy generated… radiating away as heat?

Whereas if you actually put an iphone in it to be charged, or something else, say you tried to power your apartment. The load would serve as resistance, slowing down the giant orbiting magnet every time it flew through.


Yes, that’s how it works. You could still fill up some hella battery or something, though.


I’m imagining basically building a giant ring around the Earth that is a ring shaped copper coil and an asteroid belt of magnets orbits inside it an opposite rotation to the ring.


This is the part where what I say next is only marginally related to what we’re talking about but I say it anyway.

This concept is what makes the stuxnet PoCs so cool/terrifying. It’s software that runs controllers that control like generators and all it does is disconnect the flywheel from the load for like… half a second then connect it back. In that half a second the generator builds up a bunch of spare energy then smashes into the static load like a car hitting a wall.

This breaks the genny.


What do you do with that when everything stops and now there’s just a stationary ring around the planet full of rocks?


I have a plan. You get a maverick demolitions crew, and train them rapidly to be astronauts…

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That’s essentially what these are

but on a large scale, you will run into inefficiencies at the quantum level (I’m imagining), where to produce enough electrical current, you need such extreme speeds of the rotor, it may just destroy itself or the stator.

To get a system that works on that scale you may as well just have reinvented a star. In which case what you really want to build is a Dyson sphere.


Black Hole Dyson power ftw.


Anyone had success with nicotine gum? I’m not interested in quitting nicotine but I am interested in quitting smoking.