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Drive in cinema?


Definitely a drive in movie. The arrangement, the screen, the fact that its in the middle of some woods so there’s less light pollution. Its long abandoned though even the speakers are pulled up. Man I haven’t been to a drive in since I was a kid, there was one still running about half an hour from where I grew up. We always went a couple times every summer.


What panfriedmarmot said. It’s an abandoned drive-in theater.


Ah. I worked that out myself. My question was more along the lines of where or maybe why share it here? But I guess it’s a random thread after all.


I thought it was interesting. Something that used to be so prevalent left to the dust (or trees).


Finally got around to updating my geeky random stuff pinboard.

The original photos two years ago:









How you can look this nonplussed from winning a million dollars is beyond me.


I have been informed that nonplussed is one of those words that started out meaning one thing and changed to the opposite. In this case it could be either definition!


My money is he’s a graphic designer who made the grave error of looking at the check before the picture was taken.




Ah, a true classic book cover.




I’d scream too, little girl.