Random Images Megathread


I’d grab poptarts when I was on campus and absolutely needed some food, but not a meal. They’re not for keeping around the house.


Ah man - Mine is two cinnamon sugar doughnuts, and a footlong kransky with mustard and ketchup, plus a big, sugary coffee. Enough calories to keep you going for a fair chunk of the day, tasty, and you can eat it with one hand while you’re walking to the show.




My go-to PAX breakfast is lunch.


Ah yes, that was my technique at the early PAXes too, but nowadays I’m an old man who has to take a cocktail of meds in the morning so I gotta have something to eat right when I get up. Never get old.


I mean, I’m no spring chicken, but I got… backup calories to spare.


I’m just badass.


They don’t taste all that bad, but the texture is gross.



Just have a choc-chip biscuit. Calorifically the same and way more delicious. Pop tarts always seem stale and mank.




The top right makes me laugh, because over here in New England, we call anything west of Springfield MA “basically New York”.




Upper left needs to be renamed New York City vs Real New York.


Deeply dissapointed they didn’t take the opportunity to use dividing lines and colour to make one that looks like a dog.