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If I recall correctly, he had to get special permission from the city to “park” his two horses at the protest, so I’d assume yes.

I would too; it’s absolutely majestic. Boots-on-head meets Game of Thrones.




I guess I’m lawful neutral.


I hate fruity poptarts. S’mores all the way.


Brown Sugar Cinnamon is the only one I fuck with.


I’ve eaten, I think two poptarts in my entire life, and they were both Apple. From the same box, even. You don’t really get them here outside of import sweetshops, and they tend to be WAY too expensive in those.


I think it’s appropriate that I measure in at true neutral.


I’ve eaten very very few pop tarts. Always the lawful neutral kind.

If you’re going to eat a processed bread-product filled with a processed fruit-like substance you are much better off with like, fig newtown or a nutri grain bar-type thing. Those are at least a little closer to actual bread and fruit than the sugary mush that is the pop-tart. Like, if you’re gonna drink juice, at least buy something that says 100% juice on it and not Kool-Aid.


I’ve always found poptarts to be utterly disgusting.


Ya ever seen those charts that compare the sugar in a snickers to the sugar in like nature valley granola bars?

One of these:https://www.vox.com/2016/7/11/12128372/sugar-cereal-breakfast-nutrition-facts

Having done exactly 0 additional research I’m willing to bet poptarts could casually go on that list and be just as like, “my oh my the poptart alternative nutrigrain bar has the same sugar as a poptart”


Yes, I am aware. But there is a difference between sugar that comes from some actual fruit at some point down the line and just fucking white sugar or HFCS.

These days I’ve mostly opted for actual fruit. Like hey, don’t buy orange juice, just buy fucking oranges.


I’m a fan of Pillsbury Toaster Strudel myself when I’m in the mood for something along those lines, but at least I also go in knowing it’s more of a desserty-style treat than a healthy breakfast.


When I worked at the grocery store pop tarts, bottled water, and bread were the first things that would sell out when a winter storm was coming…

I don’t think I’ve had a pop tart since like early college.


Pop Tarts aren’t like… good. But I’d eat one, preferably smores or brown sugar.


I think poptarts are mostly a nostalgia food. But yeah, half the things we eat for breakfast are pretty much just desserts we’ve decided are acceptable first thing in the morning. What you really need is…


I have the best breakfast every morning: Nothing. I’m a weirdo who doesn’t get hungry and is generally actively repulsed by food until about 11-11:30


Neutral Good, Smores Poptarts, are the only ones worth considering because everything else, as mentioned, is clearly inferior to actual fruits or energy bars or whatever other food thing you’re after.

But if you do crave a (shitty) smores experience and lack the means of making real ones, the pop tart can be a convenient option for you.


I did always dislike that poptarts come in pairs. Sometimes you just want one. Also the icing just never was my thing. And I didn’t care for toasting them and having that molten filling thing going on. Actively dislike toaster strudels and stuff too.

I got out of eating cereal for breakfast some years ago when I first lost a lot of weight. I basically cut sugary drinks, juices, cereals, and kept a record and dropped a lot of weight. Put it back on over five years or so… now it’s beer and self-loathing mostly. Delicious self loathing.


Pop Tarts are my go-to PAX breakfast. I’m sure I could do better, but it’s quick and convenient, and I can just pack one box that lasts me the weekend without worrying it if will spoil or make a mess in my bags.

Also, the Fudge flavor was left off of the chart, but I would place it in the same slot as the Smores, and consider it a superior option.