Random Images Megathread





4IR ConHome brochure cover jgp


they meant to illustrate two possible futures but ended up with four scenes from the same future, instead.


The robots lining up to the factory begs so many questions. Why don’t they live in the factory? Do they commute from their robot homes? Do they have robot families to attend to? Etc Etc.


They were programmed to walk in to give idle people someone to protest against.


mmos are the best



On this subject I got into MMOs and it absolutely was a main influence on me failing out of college twice, but also getting back into them after a break has made my adult life a lot easier. Not unlike any hobby you spent too much time on as a kid, but now that I’m slightly established it’s nice to have something to just forget life, zone in and win. Is that good or ill for mankind? Not yet certain.





Really love mega beasts



Facebook “On This Day” reminded me of that time Rym was a German meme.


My brother likes to sketch people whenever he’s sitting somewhere for more than a couple minutes and he went to some panels at Magfest with me so…


I was very happy to see that the likes on that post were exactly rym and scott.


Oh man I haven’t seen your brother’s stuff in a while, I still have that caricature sketch he did of you and me at karate… I think that was the day you kicked me in the face from the floor when we were sparring and knocked me out cold, come to think of it.



Does he still stand by his pony pledge?

Also, I would hang that on my wall.


The post conservative vision looks so much like a graphic novel my company made of their proposed “construction site of the future”.