Random Ideas

A multiplayer FPS with zero options. Click the launch button and it immediately dumps you into a server; the game mode is free-for-all deathmatch, maps are random, weapons are randomly assigned on spawn, spawns are random. There are no objectives but deathmatch. There is no progression or stats. Maybe after the round is over the game quits to desktop and if you want to go again you re-launch.

It’s literally just “click this button when you want an immediate 5 minute fix of shooting stuff before you move on to something else”

I think this idea has legs

isn’t this halfway towards Battle Royale?

In a way it is, but the idea being the pace is different in a BR game from an infinite respawn (mostly) close quarters deathmatch arena game.

My idea mostly is to absolutely remove all possible friction from the player going “i have an urge to play something right now but don’t want to commit or spend the next few minutes loading a game mode only to play one round” I’m talking like Counterstrike or Halo Slayer meets Minesweeper.

What got me thinking about it is a lot of the FPS games I have are great fun, but the way I am lately; Im like 5 minutes, or one round in, and then I’m kinda done. So half my gaming time is watching the menus!

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Gotcha, sounds almost like my TF2 days in college. Perpetually running CTF servers where winning a round was far less important than jumping into a game and getting stylish kills or working towards achievements. You might get bursts of novelty finding servers running custom maps or weird mods.

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Into The Breech

A visual novel about time traveling players trying to get with steampunk mech pilots.


City dwelling coyotes would be a good way to deal with the stray cat problem, which would definitely help the ecosystem too.

While working on building a personal website (for career and general networking) I had an insane idea to Use Mouth Moods as a backing track to a video introduction.

Now to see if I can get the music licensed…

I’ve been watching this great series on YouTube of walkthroughs of dead malls. Here’s the latest one. I don’t know if this has ever been TotD.

Anyway, my thinking was that rents in these places must be really low. Like way low. Even if you did rent, it would be a bad idea, even post COVID. There just isn’t enough population or money to support most businesses in there.

But what if… we rented for one month, week, weekend, or even a day. Get a bunch of cool people, artists, nerds, all types. Rent a huge dead mall for not a pop-up store, but a pop-up mall. A mall of awesomeness for a very brief moment. It shouldn’t be some sort of nostalgia trip trying to relive how great malls were in the '90s. It should be a way to give creative people a ton of space to express themselves in the 2020s.

As long as it is executed well, the worst is that there’s a very brief time for a bunch of people to have fun in a dead mall. If executed very well, I could see this becoming a traveling thing. It goes from state to state popping up in different malls so everyone can enjoy it.

I think you invented a convention.

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Except no schedule of events. No program guide. Just a space that exists. And also, each individual installation is going to be large. Mall stores have a lot of square footage.

That being said, the empty department stores, especially the cosmetics/jewelry dept, will make a great place for lots of people to have smaller artist-alley type setups.

So you invented a boring convention.


I attended MaulCon, a one-day rpg convention at a mall that I assume wasn’t doing especially well. We gamed in a former clothing store right next to the food court. It was fine? Ample parking and convenient food.

What if this but a LARP for the whole mall?

Without watching the video, I can’t imagine what might be especially appealing about any mall, even a non-dead mall, for such an event. Am I missing something obvious?

The square footage is the first big appeal. A typical mall in such a nowhere place like this will have over a million square feet of space. The BCEC where PAX East is held has a little over 2 million. Yet, the price per square foot is going to be dramatically less.

The layout is quite ideal. The people providing fun each have a large unique space to work with in an abandoned store. The attendees have a very easy time with very large hallways connecting everything.

The unique nature of each empty store provides a lot of creative opportunity. Depending on the empty store and how many fixtures are left, there’s a lot for the imagination to work with. Maybe you could get lucky at some malls with an empty Disney Store or something else really fun. You definitely screen some great stuff in those empty movie theaters while you still can.

There amenities are already in place for electricity, parking, water, seating, Internet food, etc. All these things that are usually a pain to setup at an actual convention are just there and waiting.

Even if the food court is all out of business, that just provides space for really awesome food vendors to setup shop. Imagine high quality pizza coming out of the ovens of a former Sbarro’s in a town that’s never had anything better than Domino’s.

Really, it’s only going to be as good as the people who work on it are at getting creative with it. Just bringing the mall back to life, or as a better version of itself, isn’t good enough. It has to be a creative and exciting re-purposing of the space. The event needs to make sure the attendee enjoys themselves and spends money, but also needs to challenge them with ideas about capitalism and the culture that both created and destroyed the mall in the first place.

Malls would actually make better convention centers than convention centers do for nerd cons.

Specifically, you have invented Burning Man but before tech valley chodes made it impossible to attend.

Around here, Rotterdam Square Mall was turned partially into an aquarium:

…actually a place with bowling, an arcade, and an aquarium sounds like a good time. Why the fuck have I never bothered going in here?

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Yes. It seems you are correct.

Maybe it’s luxury burning man. No having to struggle in the desert. Staying within the realm of our society rather than trying to escape from it. It will have flushing toilets, and government money. No sleeping over. No need to bring protection from the elements with you. Just yourself.

Maybe we can make some exceptions for a little bit of rulebreaking. Skateboarding in the mall A-OK! This weekend only! Just don’t try to grind down the escalators, you’ll die.

Also, side bonus, malls are typically very accessible. Large wide and flat. The few that have multiple floors always have several elevators, assuming they are functioning. Even convention centers are often lacking in this area.

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