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It’s only sushi if it contains sushi rice.


What if it has brown rice?


This is cool


Nope I’m sticking to my anarchist rule of any food between/surrounded by another food is a sandwich. Interestingly by the cube rule corndogs are sushi.


I think a corndog qualifies as calzone.


It depends on the level of coverage I suppose. Fully dipped it’s a calzone. If the stick end isn’t coated it’s a hot dog bread bowl, if you bite off both ends it’s sushi. In the end it’s still a sandwich tho.


What kind of Corndog? Technically a mini corndog would be sushi, whereas a regular corndog would be a calzone


They argue that food type is determined at compile time.

Maybe we’ve been using the wrong paradigm. Instead of putting foods into one box, we should be tagging them.

  • Hot Dog
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@belkalra by mini corndog do you mean pig in a blanket? The mini corndogs I have seen are just corndogs, but smaller I guess.


I was in fact thinking of pigs in a blanket, as I believe is @panfriedmarmot


What about a burrito? Would that be more 4 or 6?


That’s only sushi in America (and perhaps other parts of Gaikoku?). Maki (rolls) are sushi, but…that’s not what Japanese people usually mean when they say sushi; they mean nigiri (fish on lightly vinegar’d rice).


You are indeed correct, in my original post I was thinking pigs in a blanket but my brain said corndog.


Loaf of Sliced Bread
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Per cuberule.com, burrito and corndog are calzones.



A hotdog thru a donut (a Dog Nut according to Steven U.) Is a Quasar


Well, any just about anyone of Portuguese descent, especially if from the Azores:

Admittedly, for various reasons I haven’t done it myself, mostly due to a combination of laziness, being married (for a while) to a non-Portuguese woman, not having all the stuff my parents had for theirs, and just lacking in Christmas spirit since my ex moved away with my kid.


What is the point of China if you can’t pay for literally everything with WeChat Pay or AliPay?


Nunchucks are now protected by the Second Amendment! And are no longer banned in NY.