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Cutting losses. No one wants to use Edge. For better or worse, it still has the stench of IE6 all over it. Edge is too little, too late for most people. It didn’t seem to offer anything significant over Chrome that most people tended to notice and it lacked Chrome’s ecosystem.


From anecdotes around the internet they’ve got a bit of a problem constantly inventing “new thing” instead of iterating on “old thing” because that’s what gets you incentives/reputation/attention with MS.


If I remember correctly, that was the old, before Nadella, Microsoft. I’m not sure if it’s the same now.


Apparently this has always been a thing you could do, people just didn’t know.


I knew. I’ve always known.




This gives me flashbacks to the time that NASA sat down, worked out their weight allowances, did the math, and then proceeded to ask Sally Ride if 100 Tampons was sufficient for a 1-week mission, if her Period began while she was on-mission.


Fear is a powerful motivator. I spend much of my time ambushing students, jumping out of cupboards and constructing ever more intricate masks with my learning support students.


Apparently NASA/Whomever thinks that women can’t have sex with each other?


Reading the article there is more than just the obvious and justified eye rolling at the headline about them completely disregarding the possibility of same sex sex. They really do have some legitimate concerns about sex in zero g that apply regardless of the sex and gender of the astronauts. Body fluids, crashing into things while doing it, greater possibility of emotions running high and compromising judgement, etc. If the crew is mixed there is the dangerous possibility of pregnancy unless all the men have vasectomies or something. I think though that a lot of this is mitigated by the fact that they do their best to pick the most stable and level headed individuals to be astronauts.


Fun fact: all of the initial batch or astronauts (Alan Shepard, Neil Armstrong, etc.) were required to get vasectomies before going into space because scientists at the time were unsure if space travel would damage their reproductive genes.


I am qualified to be an astronaut!


I don’t think I’ll go to the trouble for the off chance, and I’m too tall besides.


The difference is that you work with kids and the students I terrified by walking loudly are ostensibly adults. After they turned around and shrieked in terror, they were rightfully teased by their sensibly friend.


A GN-fetish channel. It’s just Geeknights, but for people who are into that kind of thing.


Isn’t that what the WPTRSAG thread is for?


Was on stackoverflow and noticed I have 8,888 points.


Now we have some clarity. NY pizza is toast. Chicago pizza is quiche.

More info.


But what about donut/bagel?


Depends what else is on/in it. Plain bagel, toast. Stick a hot dog through the hole, sushi.