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I’d expect PornHub to come up with something in the future.



I think you underestimate how much of the tumblr art scene was emphatically adult oriented. There are many many artists that make or heavily supplement their living drawing mostly erotica and pornography, including very dear friends of mine. Tumblr was one of the best ways to advertise and get their names out there and provided 90% of their work because of the inherent design of sharing and networking intrinsic to tumblr. That said, the fact that there was not just adult stuff on tumblr but everything else under the sun was a large part of the appeal of the site as you said and contributed to that networking. Twitter will be a stopgap solution for many, but unless Pillow Fort really comes through I’m not sure what else folks are going to do except shatter the various adult corners and take a big hit to their finances for it.


I know that tumblr had big porn presence, didn’t mean to imply otherwise, but I meant that this thing doesn’t just affect on people who focus on erotic stuff. So I just think that site that focuses just on people who make smut won’t be as useful as tumblr was.

Of course this all is just baseless conjecture and only thing I’m sure of is that this is a shitshow.




This has now moved from the sad to the farcical.


Yeah, that’s because there’s a bunch of people who, in protest of the new system, are both reporting at random, or just reporting everything they see. For a start, tumblr has explicitly said that text posts aren’t an issue, so it’s unlikely that it would have been flagged algorithmically.


I scared the bajesus out of a trio of students who couldn’t walk properly tonight. They were slowly walking three abreast on the sidewalk without regard to the world around them. I did what I usually do when someone is walking poorly; I walked loudly. Usually people veer out of the way, look up from their phones, etc. They turned around, screeched, damn near jumped out of their skins, got out of my way, and complained about how scary the sudden thump thump thump behind them was.


This reminds me of “Gaijin Smash.”


I always wondered what happened to that guy. He got pulled into the Tucker Max blog network, before that inevitably imploded, but he stopped posting even before Tucker’s ego basically nuked the whole network.


Certainly not! Gaijin Smash implies a culturally insensitive breaking of rule (especially with regards to drinking through turnstiles or destroying kobans [all /r/JapanLife memes]). I just terrified some students who don’t know how to walk conscientiously.


He probably just got tired of doing it and moved on to other things. Such is the nature of the Internet.


No Gaijins nor Laowai were smashed here, unless you want to include the sidewalk. Just a disruption of the typical high schooler/mainlander mindset that there’s nothing wrong with taking up the whole sidewalk while walking at a snale’s pace.


It’s okay, I found out. What actually happened was that he quit Tucker’s blog network because of drama and/or (apparently) pay disputes, there was some other issues related to that that kept him from writing for a while. But by the time those ceased, he’d switched jobs(no longer teaching english), and he’d been living in Japan long enough that most of the stuff he used to write about was either gone or pretty routine. He also couldn’t write about his new job, despite it being pretty interesting, because of strict NDAs.

He is still living in Japan with his partner and two daughters, though, as far as I’m aware, and is still active in a few places around. Spends a lot of time in the /r/japanlife subreddit.


I think I read the blog one time and never stumbled upon it again. I don’t recall this turnstile story that seems to be focused on (I guess as actual law-breaking). Glad he’s doing well I guess.


I wonder what the happy/angry ratio is among Microsoft engineers who work on browsers. Shitcanning Edge after three years to replace it with Chromium.


Why wouldn’t they just make edge work better? don’t understand that.


I doubt it was very high, given how basically no one actually used their browsers except to download Chrome (or, occasionally, Firefox). Hopefully the team will get to work on something else at Microsoft and not be let go.


How could the staff be upset if there was cake? \s