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You haven’t died unless you’ve had one either.


How come no one on the internet knows that “ma’am” is a contraction of “madam” and not spelled “mam?”


Most people on the Internet don’t know things about things.


Fuckers on the internet need to read Jane Eyre. They’d learn real quick how most honorifics are spelled, and what they mean. And they can learn about the lady in the attic while they’re at it.


Boo. I hated that book. I hated every character and every thing about it.


To each their own. I will forever refer to the lady/wife in the attic instead of the skeleton in the closet. I think it’s a better expression.

Can’t deny though, you can’t both read that book and think ma’am is mam.


The following conversation is taken word for word.
Before Gimli left for Canada and we were talking about other places she was thinking of going to.
Gimli; Stop saying that I am naive. Japan has risks too you know, I have got street smarts ok I know how to look after myself. Stop thinking I’m an idot ok.

Last weekend on skype.
Gimli; So I was waiting at the bus stop and some homeless strangers gave me some candy! How nice is that…why are you laughing at me.


Fun Facts - One of the most famous airline incidents in Canadian history was an incident where a 767 ran out of fuel due to a miscalculation during fuel loading and had to glide in to a crash landing at a…well, decommissioned, rather than disused airfield, with the whole incident usually being named “The Gimli Glider”, due to the plane making a controlled crash landing at an airfield in the town of Gimli. There’s now a Museum to it in the town, which as far as I’m aware and have been able to find, is the only museum dedicated solely to a plane crash.


I am totally going to tell her to get me something from there!


Oh Def. Tell her I said hi, too, and if she needs anything in Canada, feel free to give me a shout, I’ve got some friends scattered around who are always willing to help out a fellow traveler.


My wife is transcribing 17th Century trial transcripts:

“Thomas Jones fworne and examined fayeth, that Sargeant Booth told him yt goodwiefe Wright would have had fom what of him, wch the faide Sergeant Booth eith would nott or could nott give her, and as this deponent thinketh it was a peece of fflefh, And after the faid Sergeant Booth went foorth wth his peece, and cam to good game and very fayre to fhoote at, But for a longe tyme after he could never kill any thinge.”

“Sergeant Booth wouldn’t give some lady some meat, and btw Sarge is a Big Dick G and hunts all the best game and is a super good shot you guys, and after that he didn’t find any good game and can’t hit anything so Goody Wright is a witch guys.”

Also whenever I see old timey writing with y-thorns and S=F it always sounds like the bishop from Princess Bride in my head.



tl;dr: Yahoo shoots itself in the dick yet again trying to attract big iron advertisers.


I would make a porn only tumblr, it is very easy to make. The problem is that it is very difficult to filter out illegal porn, and I don’t want to put in so much effort. I am lazy.


I heard part of the issue is that it’s hard to find porn-friendly hosting providers and those that exist tend to be prohibitively expensive unless you happen to run a full-blown porn studio.


This is Yahoo/Verizon’s issue as well, along with being cheap.


And those that are affordable are sketchy companies in Russia teeming with malware. Maybe pornhub would step up?


If they don’t they are missing a huge opportunity


They are on the up and up as far as I know, I think they’d be the ones who could run something like that well.


I’ve seen this idea of porn tumbler going around with this, but I think it ignores some significant things. There are sites for porn, and assumedly people making porny stuff know how to get their stuff around. Bigger issue, I think, are artists who mostly draw safe-for-work stuff with occasional nipple, or even a penis, or even once in a blue moon really explicit picture. If their main work is not porn, asking them to operate out of a porn site isn’t too cool. Those kinds of edge cases is why site that’s accepting of porny stuff, but not solely for it, is good.

And I’m not saying that’s only problem in this whole situation, but it’s one thing I happed to think about today.