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Bunch of nails between two pieces of bread?
Piece of bread on the floor and another piece of bread on the floor on the other side of the planet?
Three people hugging?
Pasta on top of sauce, on top of more pasta?
Egg, sausage patty, egg?


It has to all be food. That’s pretty much the only requirement in my opinion, one food product surrounded by / between another food product.


That’s a thing.


All pasta containing sauce is a sandwich, got it.


Yup, sauce surrounds pasta therefore each piece of pasta is a sandwich.


I’m actually curious then. Is the whole bowl one sandwich or is it a very large number of sandwiches you generally eat with a fork?


The second one, large number of sandwiches. Now ravioli with sauce is a sandwich-sandwich.


How deep does it go? What I put a bunch of mini ravioli in marinara between 2 pieces of bread? or between two similar ravioli sandwiches?

Or what if I took those mini ravioli in maranara and stitched them between two flat noodles forming a ravioli-ravioli and had a bowl of those?

it’s sandwiches all the way down.


I stand by the most elegant heuristic.

Would a reasonable person, when asking for “a sandwich,” be alarmed, surprised, or confused if you brought them item x?


Fwiw reasonable people disagree on this one. That’s why we have this increasingly idiotic semantics game.

Some reasonable people say a hotdog is a sandwich and some say it isn’t.


I have never met someone in person who would honestly, in their heart, expect a hot dog to be in a realm of possibility when offered “a sandwich.” Even the people who claim hotdogs are sandwiches on twitter would probably be at least slightly surprised to encounter hotdogs at “Free Sandwich Night” at the Opera.

And even if there is someone whose heart is so thoroughly corrupt, we go with the majority sentiment for a given culture.


Infinitesimal sandwich calculus.


Booooo no fun!

As for when you begin to have a sandwich of sandwiches, I am developing a system of notation to concisely describe such layers. For example, the ravioli is an s^2 sandwich, consisting of two sandwiches, that of the filling inside the pasta, and that sandwich inside the sauce. Now if you then put that inside two slices of bread, it is an s^3 sandwich.


I am a man who lives by heuristics and thinks a lot about how those heuristics affect his life.

I often make wrong decisions, but I understand why I made them, and sometimes update my heuristics in the face of failures.


You expected one food and you got an entirely different food?


I mean, Steven Colbert asked Justice Ginsburg to rule on it sooo… he didn’t get it from nowhere.

Also the reason I’m so willing to debate this stupid topic is because I use this as an illustrative example about why rigid definitions for social concepts are idiotic. I have a lot of people in my orbit who have some somewhat rigid ideas about gender or some other such nonsense.

I show them how useless their definition of sandwich is and apply that to gender.

I usually summarize with “Sandwich is a useful term and I’m glad we have it, but if you tug at the seams of it even a little bit the damn thing falls apart because there’s no way to consistently define it without including things you want and excluding things you don’t, the same is true for gender, I don’t wanna get rid of it but it comes apart with just a bit of prodding.”

So when you say

I hear someone talking about a trans person. (not you obviously) If anything your style of debate will maybe strengthen my arguments against people who wanna define gender rigidly.


I’m on a keto diet, so I frequently make sandwiches on cheese.

Two disks of crisped cheddar or mozz, filled like a sandwich. Or sometimes I’ll turn them into tacos, or very literal quesadillas, or calzones.

I’ve made deli sandwiches on pickles.

Lettuce wraps galore.

Fuck your rules.


Are you cooking all that lettuce? Hard to make a wrap with cooked lettuce.


You haven’t lived until you’ve had a Romaine panini.