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You forget there’s a world outside of Yonkers New York and Connecticut.


I thought Challah french toast was pretty common throughout the Northeast. Some diners even have it down here in VA.


You are told that Option A is ‘a piece of cake.’ You are told that Option B is ‘easy as pie.’ Which is easier?


You sure about that?


I mean, there’s at least Boston, all of Massachusetts east of 495, and I’ve heard tale of a city called war-chess-ter somewhere.


Unless you live in an area with a heavy Portuguese immigrant population, then it’s Portuguese Sweet Bread.

To be fair, Portuguese Sweet Bread and Challah are very similar in flavor, although Sweet Bread tends to be somewhat drier in texture. I wouldn’t be surprised if some Portuguese baker got the original recipe from his Jewish neighbor a few hundred years back or whatever.


The book this school gave me for teaching American “history” lies about the strangest things. It said that 160 million people fled Iraq during 2006. I thought that number sounded high, so I checked. That’s over five times higher than the entire population the country! Why lie about that? The realities of the war are bad enough without making up numbers.


Those are turnstile numbers. It was actually 32 million people fleeing, but five times each.


That makes sense. They started fleeing, realized they forgot to turn the gas off, fled again, but forgot they had a roast in the oven, etc., etc.



I’m just here to say that cheesecake is a type of pie, so this doesn’t count as a superior cake.


Cheesecake is a sandwich. Anarchy in the Deli.


Only if it has a crust, otherwise it’s a casserole.


You can easily make cheesecake without crust.


That is how you make cheesecake on a stick.


Mini cheese cakes or cheesecakles bites, however, cross the line and become sushi.


Only if they are on sushi rice.


There is a podcast episode about this:

But I found a weird exception:


A cheesecake is really just a form of white pizza


If I put tomato sauce and mozzarella on a graham cracker crust, is that a pizza?