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It always makes me crazy, fucking bonkers, that I often see people I follow on social media, sometimes people I actually know, who have PC trouble and need money to have someone fix problems that are easy to fix yourself? And pay like a bajillion dollars to have it done “professionally?” Why do so many people think a PC is a magic box that only highly trained professionals can even open up, let alone fix? Also why does every amateur to semi-pro artist use a laptop which are far and away more unreliable and have a much shorter lifespan than a desktop and are far far more expensive and not really good for that use?


I dunno man, I don’t know.

I can say, I think some people have like VERY VERY basic understanding of how to use a computer. Not quite as bad as Rym has espoused in some episodes of geeknights but really bad all the same. Someone in my family is in the C suite of a large finance company. Works directly for one of those wall street billionaires. Occasionally I’ve got to help them with their computer and over time I’ve learned just how basic their computer use is, when they handle decision making for billions and billions of dollars of other peoples money. We’re talking googling for laws relating to finance for which they will base their decisions and falling for every internal email spoof their IT department does.

As to the use of laptops over desktops. I hope there are more people out there like you than there are that aren’t. I like desktops. I like them for a myriad of reasons I can go into if you’d like.


Not gonna lie if I didn’t have @Pegu I’d be pretty much screwed whenever I ran into a computer problem.


I’m a sysadmin and I have computer problems that I don’t know how to fix every now and again.


Not everyone has to be a prosumer but my god, the parts just plug in and everything is designed so it only goes in one way, you literally can’t put them in wrong. And youtube teaches exact procedure. At the very least listen when people tell you it’s a simple fix and a local computer shop can do it for a fraction of sending it to the manufacturer.

And yeah laptops have their place but when time after time I see broke artists upset that their expensive ass desktop replacements die on them after only three years and they can’t fix or replace it I want to just scream.


Yeah I’m always telling people: just because they market laptop internals with the same badges and names as the desktop equivalent, you are rarely getting parity performance and even if you can get that in some ultra-gamer laptop you will quickly thermal throttle, counting on tiny ass, noisy ass fans to carry the load my desktop is liquid cooling, and if you do keep pushing thermals you’re going to have a bad day eventually. And when that day inevitably comes, you will almost never be able to replace or maintain anything unless you’re a fucking magician who doesn’t need my opinion already.

I’ve been reluctantly looking into such a beast laptop because I am hoping to adopt a bit of nomad designer role. And there is just nothing exciting me about it. So many compromises and so much expensive crap. I’m much more looking forward to the idea of getting the next gen CPU in a year or so and doing a core swap on my unit. And maybe getting some RGB fans, and that GPU cooling loop I been dreaming of…


To be fair, if you’re only going to have a single computer and you’re not looking for a supercomputer-on-a-desk, a laptop isn’t necessarily a bad choice because they do offer portability. After all, it can be nice to use your computer while you’re sitting on the couch. Of course, I’m ruling out the so-called “gaming laptops” and such. I’m talking about more modest things for people who write emails, the occasional letter or term paper, some web surfing, that sort of thing. I’m talking more about the low-to-mid range here.

Now, if you’re only ever going to be sitting at a single desk while working, then yeah, a desktop definitely makes more sense.

Me, I’m in the “big honkin’ desktop, cheap laptop” camp myself. I have a pretty pricey gaming rig I built last year, but I just bought a $160 refurbished HP laptop off of NewEgg that is more than adequate for my portable computing needs.

Edit: Apple may be the exception here, as for the most part their desktops aren’t much more than glorified laptops. If you’re going with an Apple because you need it (need to run a Mac-only app, doing iOS development, etc.) or really, really want it for some reason, you may as well just get the laptop.


Though I’d say a docking solution is mandatory. Having a laptop to use around the house or away, but docking it into a keyboard/mouse/monitor at a desk when it’s serious time, is an excellent way to live.

Of course, a backup and archiving solution is also mandatory. Laptops can’t have large hard drives. Gotta have a NAS or at least an external drive to dump bulk data onto, and probably a full laptop imaging backup solution.


I just had a look at the fully decked out iMac Pro:
2.3GHz 18-core Intel Xeon W processor, Turbo Boost up to 4.3GHz
128GB 2666MHz DDR4 ECC memory
Radeon Pro Vega 64 with 16GB of HBM2 memory

It’s possible to configure one of their top end MacBook Pro laptops with a 4TB SSD, but there are no 18-core server-quality processors, nor options for 128GB of EEC memory.

If you are doing serious work on MacOS, a laptop just isn’t going to cut it.



Unfortunately, docking stations, at least when I’ve looked, generally only were available for higher-end, business-oriented laptops.

Agreed. Perhaps even some sort of cloud backup solution in addition for off-site backups. For my el-cheapo laptop, I don’t keep anything critical on it, but I do have a big, USB-powered external drive for bulk data storage and/or exchange with my desktop.

Color me wrong then. I haven’t looked at the iMac Pros in a while. They at least do offer better hardware, even if they have the same inherent serviceability/upgradability issues that a lot of laptops do.


I heard an Indian cover of the Game of Thrones opener yesterday.


Interestingly, this is not necessarily true, and depends on a couple of particular definitions - for example, that if you only define a Purr as being both on the inhale and exhale. If you define a purr as being either on the exhale or the inhale, then most big cats can purr, but some tend to make other noises(like for example, Tigers “Chuffing”.)


You’d be great on QI.


Hamilton wasn’t as animated live as it was in my head.


I know the “Yo Vote” stickers are just Spanish for “I Voted,” but every time I see one, I hear the “Yo JOE!” rallying cry from the old G.I. JOE cartoon from the 80s.


One of the best cartoon intros of all time.


Without question.


Saw a third animal being butchered outside my apartment today. Only a chicken this time, though. First one was a duck that spent two days tied to a bush with a three-foot rope before being prepared.

The second one took the cake, though. They were just standing around with a sheep hanging from a rig, its blood draining from a cut in its throat. Totally nonplussed, like that’s something everyone does outside their apartments.


It just occurred to me that ScrewAttack’s Stuttering Craig is an ultra-shitty version of Rym.