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I’m rehearsing for a play. :slight_smile: I’m in A Mad Breakfast as a character called Mr Long. He wants to visit an insane asylum for a paper he’s writing but a prankster in a boarding house invites him there instead and tells everyone he’s a prince/psychic/health inspector in accordance with each boarder’s main quirk.

It’s short but a lot of fun. As the nervous posh bloke I get pushed around a lot and end up reacting to all sorts of wacky stuff which makes my stage direction bits quite manageable because whenever I need to be standing or sitting somewhere it’s easy because someone else has pushed me that way!


The Q&A section on Amazon is always really weird. There are a lot of questions like “Does this work with X?” where someone (not the seller) replies “I don’t know, I’ve never tried using it with X”.

Q: Can this charger be taken on checked or carry-on baggage on a plane since it contains a lithium battery?
A: I wouldn’t know


If it’s not a leap year, then April 20th will be the 120th day of the year. The numbers just line up really nicely.

4/20 - 120
4/21 - 121
4/22 - 122
4/23 - 123
4/24 - 124
4/25 - 125
4/26 - 126
4/27 - 127
4/28 - 128
4/29 - 129
4/30 - 130

Just never noticed that before.


I swear to God, every single question on Amazon has someone answering “I don’t know.” Part of my job is answering questions about my company’s soundbars, and it drives me absolutely crazy. Who could have internet access in America and be that bored?!?


I wonder if they’re Mechanical Turks or something. Just making activity on somebody’s product, or an attempt to game some system.


Maybe as some sort of brushing scheme, to build up profiles and make them look more legit?


Yeah, “bot” activity.


Oh nah, not bots. Brushing is where people make accounts, buy things, and then the seller ships them some other shit just to show a legit shipment(or even ships the actual product, which is just returned by courier unopened, but that’s less common), and then they use that to game verified reviews, improve seller ranks and discoverability. Can’t really do it with a bot, too easy to figure out if you do, they mostly farm it out to gig workers and/or via shadier SEO companies.


Yesterday I spent 1 hour driving, 2 hours sitting in a conference room waiting for people, 15 minutes arguing about handing over passwords and 1 hour actually working.


I went to my grandfather’s services today. I put a McGovern pin he gave me in my suit and I’m keeping it in there until I get back to Boston so I don’t lose it, but I might forget to take it out and then go to a job interview and they’ll be like “So, you’re for McGovern?”


I remember when I used to go on 4chan back in high school and the bar for being a true anime fan was like 100 or 150 series. It seemed like so many back then. But now I’ve ascended.


Probably not even impressive (“impressive”) numbers around here, honestly.


An ACLU canvasser tried to talk to me today and I regret but am glad I didn’t say “I don’t defend terrorists.” What bothers me about the ACLU’s habitual defense of Klansmen is that the Klan is the largest terrorist organization in the country and I know they don’t defend the violent crimes but you can’t pick and choose like that. The money the ACLU is saving the Klan on legal bills is money the Klan is spending on church bombs. The ACLU never defended Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church, a group with equally heinous things to say but didn’t kill anyone. I write this sitting next to a poster of four girls who died in an Alabama bombing by the Klan in the 70s that was auctioned off to raise money for the victims’ families. I think of that poster and what it means whenever I see an ACLU canvasser, which is often because I walk through one of their favorite spots to work two or three times a week.


The live music at Green Briar tonight played What’s Going On by whoever isn’t Marvin Gaye and I’m like “is everyone else here thinking of the He-Man video too?”


I am despairing to find anywhere to discuss any nerd stuff, other than this site, that isn’t a cesspool of right wingy basement dwellers who deride literally everything that they don’t like in their hobbies as being caused by “cuck SJW’s” and so on. It seems like most of the geek sphere is like this now.


Everyone else just disconnected.




My thoughts exactly. I think decent folks couldn’t stand the trash and went to private circles for the most part.



The problem is that in my experience, many, or perhaps most, people don’t like anything. They wake up, go to work, go home, watch, TV, and go to bed. They have only shallow interest in general culture, and no specific or deep interest or knowledge of anything at all. When they retire from their jobs they have no idea what to do with their lives.