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It’s a protective rune from Bloodborne representing a lake. In Bloodborne lore bodies of water shield you from the effects of the eldritch.


This thread has caught my eye: https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/845agp/there_seems_to_be_a_very_well_coordinated_attack/


Well AMD stock seems to be going…up.


Megathread also.

And while I’m not going tinfoil hat like most of the people in that thread, Viceroy are pretty notorious for doing dodgy research after they pulled a pretty shady trick on German Broadcaster ProSieben. I wouldn’t trust this at face value, until some independent infosec people check in.



Version: GnuPG v2



The last 30 seconds of this video (the whole thing is worth watching, good detective work, etc.) He mentions a tool called the Hole Hawg. A drill about which a short by Neil Stephenson wrote a bit about comparing it to unix.

Apparently the Hole Hawg of today is not the same as the one written about in In the beginning there was the command line


Yeah, it’s a big 90 degree angled drill, usually for drilling massive holes when you’re building houses, or other similar jobs.



This is the piece I was referencing. In it the Hole Hawg is like, this incredibly reliable monster. It does exactly what you tell it, even if you’ve not fully thought out the consequences of your commands. Apparently that was true when it was written, however now, it is untrue as it’s “nothing but headaches”.


Well, that’s pretty much the size of it, yeah. Milwaukee tools have taken a long downward slide in quality over the years.


Wish I knew, I bought their angle grinder last year. It’s served me pretty well in fixing my sloppy welds.


Hey, everything is down to how you use it. If you’re just using it to neaten up sloppy welds, you don’t really need some hard-core $400 hilti or Metabo just to knock off some splatter and scale. I have a bunch of cheap tools, because I’m simply not using them every day like I used to, and for the regular duty stuff I throw at it, there’s no point in lashing out hundreds of dollars on a tool that will spend much of it’s life herding dust bunnies.


I’ve been looking into this, and now we have more details from infosec types. Basically, the vulnerabilities can be summed up as such. Via Arrigo Triulzi

  1. MASTERKEY: if you allow unauthorised BIOS updates you are screwed.
    Threat level: No shit, Sherlock!

  2. RYZENFALL: again, loading unauthorised code on the Secure Processor as admin.
    Threat level: No shit, Sherlock!

  3. FALLOUT: vendor-supplied signed driver allows access to Secure Processor.
    Threat level: No shit, Sherlock!

  4. CHIMERA: outsourced chipset has an internal ucontroller which can be 0wned via digitally signed driver.

On top of that, they’re all second-level exploits, and so far no technical details beyond those have appeared. So, basically, it’s as suspected - another scam by Viceroy, aimed at stock manipulation to profit from shorting.


Just found out today that my team is getting re-org’d, so the coming month should be interesting figuring out which team I want to move to and making several trips to get our services migrated to other teams. Funny that I would get this news today, the same day my wife starts her new job.


Reaching my credit card limit has changed my internal dialogue to sound like Gil Gunderson.


So I had to explain to my girlfriend that New Zealand to the south east of Australia, her reply was to say no it is North North North East given the curvature of the earth.


What? No. Really no. Unless she’s confusing NZ with the Solomon Islands, or maybe Fiji.


At least she knows the world is round.


She did not want to admit defeat when I was about to show her a map and tried to claim that she is still correct. I thought she was going for the pacific islands but she didn’t take that as the easy way out.


I was just in New Zealand and made a discovery. For light switches, up is off, and down is on.

We don’t flip switches up to turn them on, we flip them north.


Good theory, but it doesn’t hold up. Up is off in China, too.