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Invading another country and spreading colonialism. Sounds like dear old Blighty needs to get involved in this!


Apparently, he later cut it into three pieces(or rather, made two more cuts which made it non-functional, but as far as the law is concerned, it’s still a firearm, since it didn’t follow the appropriate decommissioning process. I mean, he’s not going to actually get charged for it, because the ATF isn’t just a mindless robot following only the letter of the law, but still.


Although to be fair, during much of the time that Captain Falcon (PT) took place, the then Portuguese colonies in Africa were rebelling (my dad and uncle actually were drafted into the Portuguese army and had to fight against the colonial rebels back then).


Today I saw a sentence in the wild that was made ambiguous by its use of the Oxford comma. Millions of amateur grammarians suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.


I wrote a thing.


I have been toying with dropping social media and only sticking with the forum and discord. I want meaningful conversation discussions and social media tends to not do that,but if I do this most of the people I know will never have an outlet to reach me.

It’s the need to stay informed with the world but not deal with the drama of it. Any suggestions?


RSS feeds still exist. Just subscribe to the news sorces you need.


I think you can cut 99% of social media stress by streamlining your use.

I only use Facebook now for events and messages. I open the website, check the notifications, and that’s it. I don’t read any of it. I do post to it via Instagram though.

Instagram is all fun stuff. Twitter is good because I only follow 72 people, and mute quite a few.

This forum allows for fun chatting and discussion. Newsblur is a great RSS reader. That’s all I need!

Also podcasts.


Very similar to me.

Facebook just for things that are facebook-only, e.g: Netrunner NYC group/events.

All the Twitter. I follow 351 people, but relatively few of them are active and some are muted. I wonder if I can sort all the people I follow by “date of their last tweet” and see how many are active.

Instagram for actual photography stuff. I don’t follow many there.

This forum. Feedly RSS.


I curate my twitter to ensure that I read most/all of the tweets from my follows (aside from a few mutes).

I’m going to do a big pruning this weekend though.


Is it bad i still dont have any twitter? I really never got the point of it.


It’s fun for following creators and reporters, otherwise I event plan and archive my life on Facebook :-p


Twitter is a global chat room. I use it basically how I used to use IRC, except I’m idling in a hundred different rooms.


I hate Facebook, I have one only so I can use it to see links to things on Facebook from other sources. There is literally nothing about me on the site. All the info on there is fake. I heavily curate my Twitter and Tumblr to only follow stuff I want to see which is mostly close friends, a few interesting people, and hobby stuff. For socializing you can have my phone number and text me (VERY private, I think a dozen people have it) or you can get me on Discord. I get my news from reliable websites and podcasts.


I basically use facebook for one of my D&D games coordination. Discord for another. On that note, I might be able to GM a weekday game for people on the forums like Wednesday or Thursdays if people are interested. My time on roll20 has gone pretty well so-far.


I recently disabled my Facebook account. When you do this you can still use the messenger, and you can always re-enable it in the future if you actually have a use for it.

Instagram is the only one I check regularly. And I have an on-again off-again relationship with twitter and Reddit.


The first d.rip projects are live. https://d.rip/bullypulpitgames/


So, in the ongoing mission to secure your computer, you must now make sure to guard against checks paper “Flash drives with malicious names on KDE systems”.


I got my first tattoo!


Interesting. What is the significance of that design?