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I never found the Simpsons funny. It was one of those shows I watched just because it was what was on (because my dad was watching it) and not because I had any desire to watch it myself. In retrospect I should’ve spent that time reading.


There are two kinds of Steamed Hams Videos. The tweaks…

and the projects.


Ran into this on Hacker News and thought it might be interesting

Podcast Transcription with Amazon Transcribe


I wish I had this infinite supply of food.


There’s a site to make your own Alex Norris “oh no” comics by mashing up panels from existing ones!

The site is down because too many people are trying to use it.

oh no


Oh wait, the URL was just wrong



Karl Urban is my spirit animal man.


Why are so many people in my timeline such fans of Elon Musk? Fuck that asshole, I wish his rocket had exploded into a million pieces.


The fact that someone is so rich he’s exploring space while people are starving disturbs me.


Not just that. When we landed on the moon Neil said it was a giant leap for mankind. I see a lot of people acting as if this also a great achievement for the benefit of mankind. No it’s not. It’s an achievement of a private for-profit corporation. NASA going to the space is for the benefit of us all (at least USians). SpaceX going to space is for the benefit of rich assholes.


Personally I think it’s okay for someone to become a billionaire as a side-product of wanting to make sure humanity is less likely to become extinct due to being a multiplanetary species.


We have different values.


He was a billionaire from doing stupid .com bullshit, and just got lucky on PayPal. He’s spending the billions on space. If he was truly doing this for the reasons you say, to benefit humanity, why is SpaceX for profit? Why not just donate the billions to NASA, who already has the expertise and doesn’t need to relearn everything? At the very least make it not for profit.

SpaceX succeeding means that the benefits of space travel will go to the rich 1%, not to me, or you, or humanity. If you believe otherwise, you believe a lie he has created to make you not hate him.

If I was in charge of the government, I would just eminent domain SpaceX.


If you believe NASA spends money more wisely or better than SpaceX on rocket technology, there is literally no point even beginning a conversation with you on this topic.


As an aside, the little I know about Elon Musk’s personal politics and beliefs don’t give me much hope that he isn’t an asshole.

But really, if we are going to give anyone a hard time, how about the many, many, many billionaires who are contributing literally nothing, or profiting off the misery of others? Elon Musk has fans because he’s leading teams doing interesting technological things, and is a good publicist. There’s nothing wrong with that at all.


He didn’t even really get that lucky on paypal - That was more down to Garbage Vampire Peter Thiel going after him hard for a strategic merger to gain access to X.com’s bank partnerships, rather than any luck or skill on Musk’s part. Not long after X.com pivoted to making Paypal their primary product, most banks just figured out their own online banking solutions, which would have basically hamstrung their ability to grow as a company.

I’m pretty sure NASA never spent tens of millions of extra dollars launching the second electric car into space instead of a more realistic(and/or useful) payload to stroke a billionaire valley toolbag’s ego, so I’d say the argument could be made.



If you truly believe that, then where do you draw the line? Should we explore the oceans when people are starving? Should we be researching self-driving cars? What about artificial intelligence? Why research the cure to diseases when people are starving right at this moment?

Should rich people be making movies or writing books when people are starving? What about rich game designers or musicians? Why have an entertainment industry at all when people are starving?

By your logic, we shouldn’t be spending time and money on any of those things (and thousands more) because people are starving.


I could care less if he added a Tesla commercial to his rocket test flight where the car could have blown up, making for a very loosy commercial. Why don’t we talk about the Billionaires that are working to F the world over instead of the guy who’s pushing for space tech and electric cars.


This is the same faulty logic the right uses for everything.

Step 1) Cut funding to something, like education.
Step 2) Point out how the government does such a shitty job of providing education. The only solution must be to have private education!
Step 3) Cut public education some more, cut taxes some more. Have more private education.
Step 4) Repeat.

If schools were actually funded properly, they could be great.

NASA, same deal. Rich 1% assholes, like Mr. Musky, control the US government and have it underfund NASA. If NASA were funded properly who knows where it would be now? It hasn’t been funded properly since… forever ago?