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If you’re into right-wing pissbaby tears, there’s a new season of Bill Nye Saves the world on Netflix, so watch out for the whining, coming to a reddit/youtube/twitter thread near you.


How are our New York and other NE residents faring?


I didn’t leave the house, so I’ll call that a success.


Saw a guy standing on a corner today with a dead (softshell?) turtle tied to a stick, presumably looking to sell it…


Not too bad. Stayed home, worked from home, and shoveled snow pretty much.


Holed up at home but mostly carrying on as usual.


Adam’s school closed, so we are getting things done around the house. I have some errands to run, but they will wait until a warmer day. I am not going out in -30 wind chills.


I don’t understand the Steamed Hams meme. The original clip isn’t funny in the first place and neither are the video memes based on it? Is it just that I have never really watched The Simpsons regularly so I’m missing something? Is it one if those it’s funny because it’s not funny things?


Steamed Hams is the greatest comedic achievement in human history.


It’s more of an Albany thing, really.


You know, this is quite similar to the memes they serve over in Simpsons Shitposting.


Good lord what is happening over there?


Steamed hams shitposting.


From the episodes of The Simpsons I have seen there are wayyyyy funnier scenes in that show.


At this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country, localized entirely within your living room?


… Yes.


Can I see it?



That is certainly a thing.


… no.


Well marmot, you are an odd forumite, but I must admit, you steamed good meme.