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Luke = Paladin
Han = Rogue
Chewbacca = Barbarian
Leia = Orator
C-3PO = Bard
R2-D2 = Thief
Yoda = Druid
Obi-Wan = Monk
Vader = Warlock
Lando = Ranger


3PO isn’t silly enough to be a bard.


3PO isn’t silly spoony enough to be a bard.


Why can’t any “to do” app be as simple and easy and cheap to use as I want but also have the VERY SPECIFIC and NICHE feature that I want but NO OTHER advanced features?


Ask CGP Gray on that.


What niche feature?


He’s a physics teacher, he might be better than some with code, but he doesn’t know jack shit about software development.


I’ve listened to CGP Grey spend HOURS talking about to-do software and the whys and wherefores. He can’t really speak to the why, but boy does he sure know a ton about all the different ones and what features they have and why they do, or don’t work!

Seriously, hours.


I use Remember The Milk. No good?

I’m actually thinking about dropping it after all these years and just using the reminders in Google Inbox + Google Calendar.


Google Keep + Google Calendar is my everything for some time now.


From my research, Google Keep and Calendar are the closest I could get to what I want. But I spend a whole lot of time traveling with internet access, so a standaloneable iPhone app would be the most handy. A lot of apps and services cost a lot of money to buy or have a subscription that would come to 50-80 dollars a year.

Again, it’s unrealistic to expect such an app or service to meet my exact needs without also having the needs of thousands of other people serviced too. The only way it would happen is for me to write my own app. Which I could probably do. But fuck that.


What’s your special feature? Inquiring minds want to know!


He’s on FB, fine and well and still his good self.


For each task I want to see and sort by these pieces of data:

When I first entered the task
When I set the task to be completed
When I actually completed the task.

You’d think this is obvious, right? But no. Lots of apps will let me sort outstanding tasks by date entered, but they don’t show the date. Some apps will show sort by various dates… but will not show completed tasks in the same list. The completed tasks will be in a separate section underneath the outstanding tasks, and won’t be sorted into the same list. Other apps may or may not be able to show me this data, but then that’s an advanced feature which costs 5 dollars a month.


Those features are a core part of most enterprise task/ticketing systems. So if you want to spend thousands of dollars, they have you covered =P


Simple cheap iPhone app please.


The reason that enterprise software costs so much is that so few people need/care about such features that no one has any commercial interest in providing them. Post-task data is something probably no one except you and various project management software companies ever consider.


Yeah. Want I want is for my to do list app to become a time tracking data input, to remind me of when I did something so important I added it to the to do list in the first place.


If I had this problem, my solution would be to email myself and keep track of the threads for the status information.


Maybe try looking for project management or issue tracking apps? There might be a free one out there in one of those categories that just isn’t well known outside of those circles.